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LG 620L French Door Fridge Model:GF-B620PL Detailed Video Review

LG 620L French Door Fridge Model:GF-B620PL review

with a volume of 620 litres LG’s French door fridge offers plenty of storage space for fresh and frozen food and drink making it ideal for a large kitchen in a family home because this is a bigger fridge it’s important to check all of its measurements before committing to a purchase and comparing them to the amount of space available in your kitchen leaving a bit of extra space free for ventilation and because our delivery drivers can unbox and setup your new fridge for you if you live in a metro area you should also check that your home’s doors and hallways are wide enough to accommodate this fridge before you buy it the fridge exterior has an anti fingerprint stainless steel finish and the doors open with these nice-looking handles taking a look inside the upper fridge section you have a large 800 millimeter wide compartment for keeping your fresh foods the tough and strong tempered glass shelves a cantilevered so they can either sit level with one another for storing wide platters and other large items or they can split in two to be arranged at different heights allowing you to make more efficient use of the fridges available space to suit whatever you’re storing the doors also feature a number of racks of varying heights for bottles cans and dairy two of these eight dual baskets are moveable to better fit different items at the base of the fridge section there are a few storage drawers for different fresh foods the large crisper drawers include adjustable humidity sliders so you can set a low humidity to keep fruits from rotting or a higher humidity to keep leafy vegetables from wilting underneath these crisper drawers is the shallow deli drawer which can be used for storing cheeses small goods or other fresh snacks heading down to the freezer section this is a large drawer which slides open with two smaller drawers inside the freezer has its own LED light inside to help you find the items you want and an Express freeze option is available for quickly locking in the freshness of your food as soon as you get it home from the shops the fridge and freezer maintain their temperature using a set of five digital sensors so you can be confident that every corner of the fridge will remain evenly cooled maintaining the temperature is the inverter linear compressor which is designed to operate with less vibration and noise the many conventional compressors it’s reliable to with LG offering a ten year parts warranty on the compressor alongside the two-year warranty for the fridge overall and if you ever experience problems with this fridge you can use LG smart diagnosis app to quickly determine what the problem is and find a solution minimizing the time that you need to spend dealing with technicians thanks for watching

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