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LG 730L French Door Fridge Model: GF SD730SL Detailed Video Review

LG 730L French Door Fridge Model: GF SD730SL review

this is a French door fridge from LG with the capacity of 730 litres this fridge is large enough for a bigger family of four or five or maybe more people as you can see the fridge comes in this high-quality stainless steel finish and has a water and ice dispenser just here on the left hand side there provides convenient access to refreshing filtered water and both cubed and crushed ice this does require plumbing behind your fridge so be sure to take this into account when planning for your new fridge also note that the 805 millimeter depth means it will sit nice and flush behind many bench tops and cabinets to achieve a seamless look in your kitchen let’s take a look inside now as you can see just here the unique slim icemaker system doesn’t take up the whole door and still allows for additional door storage space inside this left side door now over here on the right hand side door you’ll also have the unique LG door in door design which features a panel that you can open by pushing this button just here now this allows you to quickly retrieve the foods and drinks you access the most this special design also means you can open this section while minimizing cold air escaping to improve energy efficiency now taking a look inside the fridge you can see that with the French door design there is plenty of space to allow for the storage of wider items such as platters which makes the model perfect for entertaining there are also tempered glass shelves that can be moved up or down to allow for storage of various size items and being clear they make finding items easy with the LED lighting on both the top and side of the fridge below the crisper and storage drawers there is a temperature-controlled pantry drawer which can be quickly programmed to meet deli or produce at the press of a button and which can set optimal storage temperature for keeping your food fresh now that alarm you heard is a signal to tell you to close the doors there it goes again now the freezer slides out to reveal a three-layered organization system which allows you to access your most frequently used foods quickly and saves you time digging around in your freezer for your frozen groceries thanks so much for watching

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