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LG 730L French Door Fridge Model:GF-SL730SL Detailed Video Review

LG 730L French Door Fridge Model:GF-SL730SL review

LG’s three door fridge is a great size for looking after a family kitchen providing a simple and reliable storage solution plus convenient refreshment this fridge is finished in a stainless steel that looks great in a modern kitchen especially alongside similar appliances the fridge section is just the right height to line up with many kitchen counters for a seamless and streamlined look the attractive handles on the fridge doors and the freezer drawer also provides smooth and easy opening just remember to leave a little extra room available for ventilation when installing this fridge on the left hand side is the ice and water dispenser which lets you enjoy instant refreshment whenever you like this is where the electronic controls are located which are used to set the temperature for the fridge and the freezer the glass shelves inside the fridge are nice and wide spanning the entire length of the fridge and this can come in handy when you need to store something really big such as a whole tray full of party snacks one of the shelves is also retractable for when you want to create some extra clearance for storing something really tall on the shelf below notice how there are door bins on both the right hand side and on the left where the indoor icemaker is located in some fridges their bulky icemaker takes up a significant chunk of the doors storage space but LG’s icemaker is slim enough to leave plenty of room for bottles and cans if you do need to access the icemaker you can simply swing out the door shelves like so at the base of the fridge there are three crisper drawers available for keeping your fruits and vegetables well organized there’s also a full width pantry drawer which you can set to provide the best conditions to store meat produce or deli items the freezer section is divided into three drawers this helps not only keep your frozen food nicely organized but it means you can just glance down and take a look inside the drawer to see what’s there rather than crouching or bending over to check shelves the appliance maintains its temperature using LG’s linear compressor which comes with its own ten year parts warranty so you can be confident in its long lasting performance

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