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LG 679L Side by Side Fridge Model:GS-B679PL Detailed Video Review

LG 679L Side by Side Fridge Model:GS-B679PL review

LG’s side-by-side fridge provides your kitchen with plenty of storage space for your family’s food and drink all wrapped up in a sophisticated design that looks great and is easy to use before you buy the GS be six seven nine PL make sure that you have enough room available in your kitchen taking ventilation space into account also double check the measurements to make sure this fridge will fit through your home’s doors and hallways when it gets delivered in the middle of the stylish stainless steel doors is the sophisticated electronic control panel this displays temperature conditions of the fridge and freezer at a glance and allows you to make simple adjustments when required inside the fridge section on the right hand side we have tempered glass shelves sturdy door bins and two crisper drawers which allow you to store a wide variety of fruit and veg the crisper drawers are designed to retain evaporated moisture from fruits and vegetables so they can stay fresher for longer at the rear of the fridge is the pure and fresh fan-forced deodorizer if you’re ever bowled over by a strong food smell when you open your fridge you can just run this filter until everything’s nice and fresh again you will need to replace the pure and fresh filter following extended use so keep an eye out for an alert on the display panel the freezer section is laid out in much the same way as the fridge providing you with easy access to your frozen foods there are shelves and transparent drawers for organizing your food plus the door bins and there’s also a handy twist icemaker mounted in the door which lets you quickly prepare trays of ice cubes without taking up too much of the freezer space

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  1. Purchased several months ago to replace an old dying fridge just in time for the summer and it still works very well>>> highly recommended if you don’t want to spend too much yet still have a fully featured fridge.

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