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LG GT-515BPL 515L Top Mount Fridge GT-515BPL Detailed Video Review

LG GT-515BPL 515L Top Mount Fridge GT-515BPL review

this fridge from LG has a capacity of 515 leaders making it about the right size for a household of four or five people the classic design with the freezer mounted here on top is ideal if you want your frozen foods positioned conveniently at eye level the GT five one five BPL has an anti fingerprint stainless steel finish and stylish door handles on the left-hand side before you set it up in your kitchen remember to check the measurements and leave some extra room available for ventilation at the sides and the rear taking a look inside the freezer here at the top the freezer space is split into two with a single tempered glass shelf for extra storage you can use the bins mounted on the back of the door one more great feature is the twist icemaker just fill up the tray with water let it freeze and with one twist you’ll have a bin full of effortless ice cubes the fridge section down below is kept well lit by LED lighting so you should always be able to find just what you’re looking for the fridge also uses tempered glass shelves which can be adjusted to different heights to provide more efficient food storage at the base of the fridge is the large veggie crisper which spans the full width of the fridge providing plenty of room for keeping fresh fruit and vegetables ready to eat on the back of the fridge door we have a series of transparent plastic racks positioned at different heights to better store bottles cans and jars of all shapes and sizes that’s the fridge alarm reminding you to shut the door also while we’re looking at the door the seals are coated with LG’s Bioshield antibacterial agents this prevents germs from growing in your fridge which helps to protect the food as well as the dorsals integrity so the fridge can keep running efficiently another thing that keeps this fridge running efficiently is its inverter compressor which helps to maintain a stable temperature while using less energy this inverter compressor has its own ten year parts warranty so you can be confident in its reliable performance

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  1. 10 year warranty is not covered the price labor removing and installation back and regass witch is cost over $400 so there is no use for 10 year warranty

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