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LG Dishwasher Model:LD-1481W4 Detailed Video Review

LG Dishwasher Model:LD-1481W4 review

finished in the classic white but also available in stone silver the LD-1481W4 is a reliable dishwasher from LG that’ll hold and wash enough plates cutlery and cups for a three-course meal for up to 4 people the lights to the left of the dishwashers control panel are the progress indicators that indicate the current program phase in the middle is the easier to grip handle and to the right either function and setting controls here you can navigate through the dishwashers five different wash programs plus the different wash options including eco and soft spray the extra hot function that can be used on four of the programs and the half load option in case you only need to wash a smaller load whatever wash mode you choose the dishwasher will display its settings on the LED panel there are also indicators which will turn on when the salt and rinse aid need to be refilled offering enough capacity to wash every dirty plate cup or cutlery your home will use this dishwasher is the perfect size for larger households that have plenty of mouths to feed taking a look inside there are two racks available for storing all your dirty dishes with ease as well as a removable cutlery basket the larger utensils such as whisks the top of the cutlery basket can be opened by unhinging each side and to increase the lower ax loading versatility the basket can be split in the middle by sliding it apart leaving you with two smaller baskets if you have any utensils which are taller than 18 centimeters they should be washed on the knife rack in the upper basket this rack can also provide support for long-stemmed glasses this dishwashers reliable performance is maintained by its efficient direct drive inverter motor which precisely drives the dishwashers spray intensity according to your chosen settings the inverter also uses fewer moving parts than other dishwasher motors ensuring the appliances long-lasting performance this dishwasher also features LG smart diagnosis system if you ever experience any problems with your dishwasher the appliance can tell you exactly what the problem is via a smart phone app which can help you work out whether you’ll need to call the technician for help so there you have it a simple yet reliable dishwasher from LG

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