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LG’s Small French Door Fridge Model:LFC22770S Detailde Video Review

LG’s Small French Door Fridge Model:LFC22770S review

hi I’m Andrew Gebhardt frissina today I’m taking a look at the LG LFC 2 2 7 7 0 s II this is a 30-inch wide French door refrigerator and it has the honor of being the first LG fridge we’ve reviewed that’s kind of disappointing the performance was solid the main compartment at both the default setting and the lowest temperature setting walked a nice line between 40 degrees and 32 degrees Fahrenheit the doors ran a little bit warm but that’s usual that’s fine it even has a serviceable if a little bit boring list of features it’s got an automatic icemaker it’s got humidity sliders it’s got an extra deli drawer in there it even has spill proof shelves for me that’s a big win because I’m a messy person I don’t like spending time cleaning things up and spill-proof shelves tend to work really well so I like that for the price it’s just not as exciting as GES comparable French door fridge that one’s only sixteen hundred dollars it has a slate finish which I think looks a little bit better than this stainless the stainless here also smudges really easily and that GE fridge uses its interior a lot better than this one it’s a small fridge that feels smaller than it has to because of really poorly designed shelves moving them around isn’t tough but there’s only so many places you can put them so the interior is tough to customize and tough to fit taller bigger items with our fridge we test we load it up with groceries and this fridge struggled with the normal stuff like milk jugs and cheese and soda and condiments let alone the bigger items we used to stress it like party platters and cake trays it’s hard to imagine it costing that much more for LG to put more hooks on the back of the fridge to allow more positions for the shelf yet that would have made such a huge difference in terms of allowing you to use the space to its fullest so if you can fit a 33-inch with go with GES model it’s a slightly better performer but this one’s still fine and it’s just easier to use the space with this fridge LG just cut a little too much to get the price down but if you’re tight on space it’s still a fine performer for more be sure to check out my full review on at the force not appliances I’m Andrew Kapoor

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7 Replies to “LG’s Small French Door Fridge Model:LFC22770S Detailde Video Review

  1. When you reviewed it, it sold for $1,800 retail but at least 3 major retailers (Nov 2018) sell it for $1000. With that HUGE difference, I’d say this is a great, not mediocre fridge if you need a 30″.

  2. I’m single living in a townhome space so this is perfect for me. My old fridge has a wider door so it takes up a lot of space when you open it. This should illuminate that problem for me. And it was only $999!

  3. It’s got to be easier to clean then the old ones with painted surfaces. They seemed to hang onto stains. At some point, the paint would start to wear off.

  4. I got a basic Frigidaire fridge for 600 bucks, works fine. The ones that have the freezer on top fridge on the bottom. I just don’t see the point in these ridiculously expensive fridges, in the end they all do the same thing.

  5. Why would you compare a 30” to a 33”? That makes no sense. People who buy 30” fridges do so because they have limited space. Also, you’re criticizing a 30” fridge for not having more shelf customization. IT’S A 30” FRIDGE. Review it for what it is. Not what you want it to be, which is to say bigger. Bad review.

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