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Liebherr 698L French Door Fridge Model:PKSBSES7165 Detailed Video Review

Liebherr 698L French Door Fridge Model:PKSBSES7165 review

this sleeve here freestanding side-by-side fridge promises both quality and quantity with a total of 602 litre net capacity there’s more than enough storage space for large families groceries just be sure to carefully measure the available space that you have at home before you splash out on this or any other fridge leaving a few centimetres room at either side and at the rear to a loaf of insulation also remember that both these units are sold separately and the individual SKUs are on the screen now finished in smart steel stainless steel and featuring slimline handles this fridge not only looks great but it’s easy to clean too I’m going to open up the fridge and the freezer section as well as the wine cooler using the great quality handles and you’ll see right at the top the control panel this is where you can adjust the temperature activate the door alarms set a childproof lock and even put the fridge into holiday mode if you’re going away which saves energy and prevents any nasty smells during times when the door stays closed for a lengthy period let’s talk about the right hand side first there is heaps of space in here at the top here you have the adjustable glass shelves and the door has racks that you can move for bottles and other items allowing you to tailor everything perfectly here in the lower half are the bio fresh drawers and they are on telescopic rails which pull out smoothly even when they’re fully loaded they allow some types of fresh food to be stored up to three times longer than usual the lower compartment also features a hydro safe system where you can set the humidity yourself by moving this regulator to the left or the right it’s designed for storing salad or vegetables and fruit that a high end moisture helping prevent spoilage what’s also great is the super cool feature which sets the fridge temperature to its coldest setting for several hours before automatically adjusting to its previous temperature it rapidly cools large amounts of food and it’s perfect for those large family occasions or when you’ve just done a big shop let’s have a look at the left hand side the upper section is your dedicated wine cellar allowing you to bring your wines to the ideal drinking temperature slowly and gradually you can store up to 41 bottles and what’s really smart is that you can set individual temperatures for the compartments meaning that you can separate your whites and your Reds you can also fix labels to the wooden shelves so that you can see at a glance where everything is the lower section houses your main storage compartments with a hundred and nineteen liters of room for your frozen goods plus an icemaker system that ensures that you’ll always have a steady stream of ice cubes on tap perfect for the summer months you’ll also enjoy the super frost function which allows you to freeze fresh food quickly through to the core just remember to activate this in good time depending on how much food is about to be frozen about six hours before small amounts and about 24 hours in advance for larger quantities thanks to Lieb has no frost technology food is frozen with childress Urkle ating air and any humidity is expelled as a result the freezer is always free of ice so you can wave goodbye to manually defrost in your freezer packed full of features and with a three year warranty that’s a leap here freestanding side-by-side fridge thanks for watching

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