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Liebherr 726L Multi Door Fridge Model:PKSBSES7353 Detailed Video Review

Liebherr 726L Multi Door Fridge Model:PKSBSES7353 review

this is a massive fridge from Germany’s Lieber providing all the storage capacity a large family could need all wrapped up in a stylish design the fridge is organized in a bit of an unusual way in that it’s actually two separate units that operate together the left-hand side is equally divided between fridge and freezer space while the right hand side is wholly dedicated to refrigeration each door is opened with a stylish bar handle and finished in stainless steel the opening quality is so smooth and it really does who’s a superior quality overall and being finished in stainless steel it’ll match perfectly with other appliances in stainless steel in your kitchen and it wipes clean really easily because this is such a large fridge you’ll need to make sure your kitchen has enough room to accommodate it it’s worth double checking this fridges measurements and comparing them to your available space remembering to take into account the extra room you’ll need to leave available around the size and react for ventilation also remember that a 10% deposit is required when buying one of these premium fridges both sections have their own set of electronic controls they’re found at the top of each door these touch panels put you in total control of the temperature and humidity allowing you to precisely adjust the settings to perfectly suit whatever your story that’s the fridge alarm which you can turn off by hitting the alarm button here and here as well as it’s huge amount of storage space the righthand fridge section includes several specialized storage areas for keeping different foods and drinks ranging from adjustable tempered glass shelves to dry safe and hydro safe drawers just listen and look at how they open really smoothly it’s mounted on a telescopic rail and that really is leave a superior quality there’s even a champagne shelf for storing your bottles another great feature of this fridge is the bio fresh zone designed to provide the ideal temperature and humidity conditions for keeping fresh fruit and vegetables meat fish and dairy well preserved for longer the fridge uses a forced air system to help evenly spread cool air throughout the interior so you can benefit from consistently high performance cooling the super cool and super frost functions found in the fridge and freezer respectively helps lock in the freshness of your food as soon as you unpack it from your shopping bags the Vario space freezer section can be rearranged to suit your requirements if required you can remove the drawers and shelves to create extra room which can really come in handy when storing large and elaborate frozen desserts the freezer section also features an automatic icemaker that helps you keep a healthy stockpile of ice cubes on hand just in case you need to entertain surprise guests this feature does require access to your kitchens plumbing so be sure to take this into account when organizing this fridges installation if you’re looking for a premium absolute top of the range fridge for your kitchen you can’t go past this German design from Weber thanks for watching

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