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Liebherr 283L Bottom Freezer Integrated Fridge Model:SICN3356LH Detailed Video Review

Liebherr 283L Bottom Freezer Integrated Fridge Model:SICN3356LH review

this sleep Air refrigerator offers efficiency reliability and an array of features you’ll love with the net capacity of 261 liters it’s ideally suited to smaller one or two-person households this is an integrated model so it comes ready to be finished with your own cabinetry to give you a kitchen a streamlined look the operating and control panel are located here at the top and they feature an easy-to-read LCD screen here you can do things such as set a child lock to prevent little fingers accidentally switching the appliance off or adjusting temperatures and thanks to the duo cooling system you can control both the fridge and the freezer sections individually as there are two separate cooling circuits as we’ve opened it up you’ll notice that the door hinges on the left but don’t worry they are reversible so whatever your kitchen setup this fridge can work around you that’s the alarm and we can switch it off by pushing the button there before I run through the interior I just want to explain how the pairs soft system closing mechanism works and it ensures that even when the door shelves are fully loaded the door still closes softly like so if the door is open for longer than 60 seconds you’ll hear that alarm that we heard earlier plus there’s an alarm if the freezer temperature isn’t cold enough you do of course have the option of muting those alarms if you so wish now let’s talk about the inside here inside the fridge there’s 198 liters of space you’ve got your usual shelves which are made of safety glass and have a stylish stainless steel trim they’re shatterproof scratch resistant and easy to clean plus you have a range of Handy racks and compartments for bottles and condiments there’s a clear vegetable bin that provides plenty of space for your fresh foods and allows you to find everything quickly now in all fridges you naturally have colder and warmer areas but thanks to this appliances inbuilt fan there’s an even distribution of temperature across all storage levels and for those occasions when you’re adding a lot of fresh food to the fridge the super cool feature sets the temperature to its coldest setting for several hours before automatically adjusting to its previous temperature onto the freezer now and you’ve got LED lighting in here too and a great feature called varios space which means that you can remove the and shelves to make space for larger items of frozen food these high drawers are actually closed all the way around which means that the cold doesn’t escape quickly when the appliance is opened you’ve also got an automatic super frost function which quickly reduces the temperature until freshly added food is completely frozen the function then switches itself back to normal mode so you won’t ever have to manually amend the temperature and accidentally forget to change it back as another time-saving measure liebe has no frost technology automatically defrost s– the appliance so no more DIY defrosting and if that wasn’t smart enough should there be a power failure you’ll be able to see the warmest temperature that was reached so that you can quickly work out if any food has been affected this model has a three and a half star energy rating and comes with a three-year parts and labor warranty thanks for watching

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