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Midea 198L Chest Freezer Model:MCH198W Detailed Video Review

Midea 198L Chest Freezer Model:MCH198W review

this is my DEA’s chest freezer we’re looking at a model with a 198 litre capacity today but a similar model in a smaller 142 liter size is also available overall this is a fairly simple and straightforward appliance but when you just need a little bit of extra storage space for your frozen food with something like this in your garage or even in your spare room it’s simple to save a little bit of extra money by buying food in bulk and keeping it frozen until you’re ready to cook it now taking a look at the bottom right hand side down here you’ll find that the freezers thermostat which you can adjust if you prefer to keep your food completely frozen or a little bit softer the higher the number the cold of the freezer with fall being the default position there are also lights down here to show when the freezer is powered on when the compressor is running and when the fast freeze setting is in use you can start the fast freeze by just turning the thermostat all the way to high which will run the compressor continuously to rapidly freeze your food just remember not to leave fast freeze running for more than 24 hours at a time the bottom left down here is where you’re going to find the freezers drain which comes in handy when it’s time to defrost your freezer all you need to do is switch the freezer off that all the icy build-up thoughout setup and container underneath the drain and then simply open it up and let the water flow out the freezer is mounted on rollers so it’s a bit easier to move if you need to reorganize your space now the lid here has been designed with a balanced hinge so it can be opened or shut with ease plus if you’re opening up to an angle between 45 and 70 degrees like we have here it will hold in place so you can use both hands to load or unload the freezer the interior is easy to clean and removable storage baskets are included for organizing your frozen food you can keep the ice cream party pies and other regularly enjoyed items in the basket where they’re easy to reach and then keep the items for long-term storage underneath thanks so much for watching

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