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Midea 92L Upright Freezer Model:MF92W Detailed Video Review

Midea 92L Upright Freezer Model:MF92W review

my D is 92 litre upright freezer is a reliable little appliance for when you need a bit of extra storage for frozen foods but you don’t have a lot of space available at home it’s a very simple design with a classic white finish and it’s compact enough to sit neatly in a corner or even underneath the bench provided you leave sufficient ventilation space available it’s also possible to reverse the door if you prefer the hinges on one side or the other now the two front feet are also adjustable so the freezer can stay level even on an uneven surface at the rear of the freezer down near the compressor you’ll find the manual control dial for adjusting the temperature the higher the number the colder the inside will be so you can switch from an intensive deep freeze to a lighter chill depending on what frozen foods you’re storing when you first set up this freezer in your home you should run it at the maximum setting for 24 to 48 hours to get it nice and cold before adjusting the temperature to your preferred level looking inside the freezer here there are three wire drawers for keeping your frozen foods well-organized and easy to access to maintain this freezer you will need to manually defrost it every so often if I starts to build up inside to more than five millimeters thick empty the freezer I switch it off and let it thaw out that will keep you my dear bar fridge efficiently running for longer thanks so much for watching

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