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Midea Top Mount Fridge Model:MTM470W Detailed Video Review

Midea Top Mount Fridge Model:MTM470W review

with a classic design clever electronic controls and plenty of storage space the 470 liter might their top mount fridge is an excellent choice for small families of three to four the fridge doors have designer handles and open from left to right and when you’re installing this fridge make sure to take into account that you’ll need to leave some extra room free for ventilation in the center of the freezer door the electronic control panel lets you take care of your fridge and freezers functions as well as setting separate temperatures for the fridge and freezer you can also use the control to set a fast freeze rapidly locking in the freshness of the food you’ve brought home from the shops you can also set a child lock to confirm these settings if we open up the freezer there’s a nice clear space for sorting out your frozen foods with a stable shelf and Durban’s there’s even an interior light to help you find what you’re looking for the twist icemaker is on the back of the freezer door and it needs to be filled up with water once it’s frozen the ice cubes can be dropped into the container below with just the flick of a wrist do this a few times and you’ll soon have a healthy stockpile of ice ready for serving summery drinks in the fridge there’s a covered deli section at the top a shelf that can be adjusted to the height of your choice and a full width crisper drawer for your fruits and veggies to keep them nice and fresh on the doors there are several transparent plastic door acts and two covered bins where you can store eggs and dairy items and going right down the back of the fridge there’s a column of LED lights for keeping the interior well-lit thanks for watching

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