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Midea Semi Integrated Dishwasher Model:WQP12-7309A-AU Detailed Video Review

Midea Semi Integrated Dishwasher Model:WQP12-7309A-AU review

this is one of my dear simple and affordable dishwashers offering all of the essential basics that your kitchen needs is a semi integrated appliance many it will need to be built into your kitchen cabinetry by a professional be sure to check all of the measurements to ensure it will fit properly leaving enough room free at the rear for the power and water connections if you get your cabinet maker to put together a custom door panel the dishwasher can blend in with the rest of your kitchen cabinetry leaving just the stainless-steel control panel visible taking a look inside the dishwasher there’s enough capacity to wash up to 40 in place settings so even if you have your family and guests over for dinner you should still be able to wash up all of the plates bowls and cutlery in a single wash cycle the upper basket here is height adjustable allowing you to efficiently organize items of different sizes also as well as the expected upper and lower baskets there’s also a third cutlery tray that’s ideal for laying out knives and forks for a perfect cleanse now we’re just going to close the dishwasher up here and I’m going to talk to you about the control panel now the control panel here makes six different dishwashing programs available to you so whatever you’re cleaning the dishwasher can deliver consistently good results simply use the central control dial just here and these buttons to select the wash settings that you prefer use the glass setting for delicate items or the intensive wash for sticky pots and pans or the rapid or one-hour cycles if you want to quickly refresh a smaller load of dishes you also have the option to delay the start obvious ichael by three six or nine hours to suit your schedule or to wash during off-peak periods there’s also a half load option if you want to save some water and energy when cleaning a smaller load of dishes according to my data this dishwasher has a noise rating of just 49 decibels during a cycle now to put that into context the typical conversation has a volume of about 60 decibels making this a fairly quiet dishwasher for the home this dishwasher has a four-star water rating and goes through thirteen point nine liters of water during a typical cycle because the dishwasher uses an aqua stop water hose your kitchen will be protected from the risk of flooding if anything goes wrong with the water supply and that’s my ideas simple and affordable semi integrated dishwasher thanks much for watching

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