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Midea Dishwasher Model:WQP12-J7209N-AU Detailed Video Review

Midea Dishwasher Model:WQP12-J7209N-AU review

this stylish dishwasher from my dear offers an impressive 14 place setting making it an ideal addition for medium to large households there are eight wash programs to choose from including an express wash function for when you only need to wash a light load all the dishwashers programs can be selected by using the touch controls and are also clearly shown on the TFT display screen running at only 49 decibels this dishwasher is quieter than an average conversation meaning you can take advantage of running the dishwasher during off-peak energy times knowing that it won’t wake up your entire household but even if you do choose to operate the machine during the day or late over the three-and-a-half star energy rating and four and a half star water rating will help keep consumption levels low now let’s take a look inside the dishwasher there are three levels of racking we have an upper basket a lower basket and up here we have a cutlery tray all levels feature handles which make sliding the baskets and tray out easier even when completely full those who are wine drinkers know how difficult it can be trying to fit wine glasses into a dishwasher that has a cutlery tray at the top fear not wine lovers with the lift up height adjustable system in the upper basket you can load the basket so long-stemmed glassware can easily fit in for peace of mind this dishwasher has also been fitted with an app with stop water hose so your floor’s are protected in case of a plumbing malfunction and down here on the door we have the dishwashing dispenser where you can put your detergent and also next to it the rinse aid and there you have it a stylish and practical dishwasher from my dear don’t forget to type in your delivery postcode into the delivery and installation info box on the product page to see if you’re eligible for free delivery thanks so much for watching

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