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this single oven from Miele is ideal for quality conscious households looking for a low maintenance model that produces perfect baking results with a large 76 litre capacity there’s plenty of flexibility if you’re cooking for a large household or like to host dinner parties it’s a multifunctional oven with great functions including a defrosting and fan plus setting and it can either be built into your kitchen at eye level or under a worktop so there’s no need to measure as it will fit in a standard oven housing unit additionally all Miele models are specially designed to last for 20 years so it’s ideal if you want exceptional build quality Milas clever intensive bake program lets you create perfectly textured pizzas cheesecakes or quiches the fan on the back wall circulates hot air around the cavity while the bottom heating element provides extra heat to the bottom of your dish this means the top of your meal is always succulent and you’ll always have a perfectly crispy base this model has fantastic catalytic liners on the inner walls which clean the oven while it switched on working best at high temperatures these liners absorb and dissolve food splatters to help your oven stay grease free so you can save money on expensive oven cleaners and spend less time doing chores if you’re looking for a low maintenance model that produces perfect baking results this single oven from Miele is perfect for you

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