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Neff B57CR22N0B Oven Review

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hello I’m Zoe this is my kitchen and I’ve got a bun in my new oven love you but I’m going to tell you a bit about this oven which is the neck stainless steel and at the model number is B 57 CR 22 and it’s a lovely new stainless steel Neff oven as you just saw it’s got a nice tilt and high door where it’s nicely quite quickly you have to pull it too hard really like that also really like the wizzy control panel here so this tells you what kind of oven setting that you’ve got so you can go along and you can decide what kind of heating that you want pizza setting sets in for bread different settings for grills echo setting once you’ve selected what setting you want it’s got a play and pause button so you can start it up nice bright light comes on and it has when it’s not already hot back it is now it’s got a status bar that goes on the bottom there bit like the state of art on your computer it tells you how quickly it’s heating up and that’s nice also tells you how long that it’s been on this button here gives you information about the setting that you’re using it’s also got a timer you can use as a normal egg timer this one’s good you can set it to start before you come home so that’s good and you can set it to stop as well so these are all the different settings that you can use on the wizzy super control panel I’ve used the grill earlier today and it’s worth knowing that it doesn’t come with a grill pan it does come with this nice black pan here which you can put underneath this top one you used to catch the crumbs in the top and the grill like the oven takes about two to five minutes to heat up and unique I think the oven heats up really nice and quickly so that’s another really good thing when the farm works it makes a bit of a funny noise it kind of live and you should worry about that because that’s just the noise the funders that’s just the fun doing it fun ink so that’s fine don’t worry about it so yeah things we like bright light quick heating up nice easy to use control panel makes nice buns thanks for watching my review

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7 Replies to “Neff B57CR22N0B Oven Review

  1. hello im interested in that fine oven, altough i dont find the B48FT68N0B , i do find the B48FT68N0 Without the B in the end … ? how come? I dont even find it on the site from NEFF. Altough i have seen some reviews here on youtube so the B is not a  mistake…

  2. does it still work? i have seen tons of horrible reviews saying the bulb exploded in food, the door just came off or the glass between the inner and outer glass of the door just cracked? is it a reliable oven? would you recommend it? any complaints? have you ever had to call a Neff engineer? read after sales aren’t that great too.

  3. Just bought two. As yes of course its a week till christmas and our existing two ovens have decided to stop working. We had several repairs done but after a while your throwing good money after bad. Just have to get them fitted now..

  4. what is the point! you open it you close it…no big deal. Another un needed gadget, totally useless! open/close simples. christmas pud nom nom

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