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NEFF U1ACE5HN0B Built In Double Electric Oven Detailed Video Review

NEFF Built In Double Electric Oven Model:U1ACE5HN0B review

[Music] today you join me in the kitchen well I’m going to be reviewing this net electric built-in double oven model number you want AC 5h n0b so stick with me well I check out everything these ovens got to offer let’s talk about what I like and what I don’t over the course of this review so obviously with a double oven you get in two cavities the bottom cavity is 71 litres fan assisted of it and that’s an energy a rated efficiency whereas the top of it is 34 liters and it’s a conventional oven with a be rated energy efficiency so both of them will save on those all-important pennies when you’re cooking your dinners so the main fan assisted oven has no less than 10 different functions to those actually cleaning functions and one of them is a rapid heat function which I’ll talk to you about shortly where top cavity that’s got five functions for you again one of them being a cleaning function some important admin for you so the other measures 18 point five centimeters by fifty nine point four centimeters with a depth of 55 centimeters so just make sure you get those measurements right before you ordered first the oven is also hardwired so will require someone with electrical mind or electrically qualified node to install it and it’s important to note that it does weigh a hefty 61 kilograms so if you want go up on your electrical regulations and you don’t have anyone to give you a lick with it I would recommend checking out the additional installation option if available at all right now back to the oven let’s take a look inside so if we take a closer look at the bottom cavity the fan assisted of it first thing to notice is for shelving options with two shelving racks included also included is telescopic shelf runners and allows the shelf to glide in and glide out this is particularly handy if you just want to quickly check on your food without taking out the oven and being able to just glide it straight back in and shut the door and making sure that not much heat escapes from the oven the cooking surfaces are also enameled and have a self-cleaning function this works by absorbing any grease splats and then oxidizing any residual food on the ongoing cooking process there’s also two cleaning functions on the oven itself so if you can’t wait until the next clean to oxidize that food you can clean it straight away using the cleaning functions also for your convenience there’s an internal light as well as a grill fitted to the roof of the cavity with cooking functions to complement its inclusion now if we take a look inside the top of it you can see that it to benefits from a large grilling surface as well as three shelving options and the same self-cleaning enamel surfaces as you’d find in the bottom cavity also just to note the drip tray which doubles up as also a grill tray is currently situated inside the top oven along with an additional shelving Mac which comes with the top oven part as well so if we take a closer look at what the bottom fan assisted oven functions are like and I can talk you through step by step the different ones available for you as I said there’s a total of 10 different functions two of those or cleaning functions and one of those is the rapid self heat function just as I do that you’ll notice that the buttons are pop-out buttons so you just pop them out and then turn them accordingly and then pop them back in when you’re finished so if we go to the first function that’s the rapid heat function this is fantastic if you’ve got nothing inside your oven and you need to get up to a temperature very quickly so for example sometimes when you’re baking instead of preheated oven other conventional ovens can take a long time to get up to that function if you use the rapid heat function it takes no time at all next is the surco therm heat function now circa therm is a special technology of nest design that means that heat generated by the oven is drawn back in by the conventional fan heated back up and then circulated around you oven rather than just pushing it straight out in a forward facing motion the circular heat means that everything is cooked from foot to back side to side it also means that there’s no transfer of flavors so for example if you was cooking three different items on three different shelving options none of those flavors would transfer between each other it really is fantastic technology next up you’ve got surco therm gentle now circle phone gentle works exactly the same way circuit them however what this does is it will turn the on and off and work accordingly to make sure that well think of in high amounts of heat it uses any residual heat within the oven to make sure the cooking process is nice and smooth perfect for things like juicy roasts next up is your pizza set it the pizza setting works using the surco therm technology as well as heating the base of the oven that way then the base of your pizza stays really nice golden and crispy whereas the top in the steak just as you want them the next option is your eco clean option now as discussed earlier when you turn on this option what this will do is it will burn away any stubborn foods left on with inside your oven what it does is when you turn it to the option it gives you an hour-long function where it will heat up the oven to the maximum temperature this oxidize and any food left in the oven all you need to do then once it’s completed is wait for the oven to cool down go in with just a soapy cloth and just wipe down your surfaces and everything will be clean the next option is the bottom cleaning function what this does is you put a little bit of water plus some washing-up liquid into the bottom of your oven and then turn on this function this goes from roughly around 21 minutes where it gently heats up your oven and heats up the bottom and vaporizes any water into the air meaning that all your surfaces become easily cleanable and you can write them down which the ovens cool down one thing to note that it is important that any residual water left in the oven after this process also needs to be taken out and not just left to vaporize next up you’ve got the bottom heated element only function perfect for things such as flans or cakes that need to be heated from the bottom only the next option is the grill option usually just found in the top oven parts of double ovens there’s also an additional grilling function in the bottom part of this of them meaning that things such as pork chops or anything meaty that you don’t really want to cook in the same place as let’s say you’d normally cook your traditional toast can be cooked in the bottom oven this making sure that the top oven stage grease free and splat free if I just move over to the side a little bit you can also see that you’ve got your circle firm guru option this is perfect for things such as poultry where what will happen is a circuit then technology will continue to cook your food as well as alternating between the grill adoption that way then you create a nice golden roasted crispy skin with nice succulent meat on the inside finally you’ve got your conventional oven perfect for anything baking related whether that be cakes plans Victoria sponges you name it perfect for baking options just be convenience you’ve got an internal light as well as the off port engine now if we just take a look at the top cavity oven functions you can see very similar to the main cavity there are some similar functions of a bomb this however not as many due to the size and also the fact that it is just a convention love and being the top off first option you’ve got is your conventional oven very much like your bottom oven perfect for baking cakes making fairy cakes with the little ones and if your bakery related second up you’ve also got the option just to heat from the bottom of the oven only that is the bottom of the top of it just to confuse you perfect again for things such as flans cheesecakes anything such that where you need more heat on the bottom than you do on the top third you’ve got your self-cleaning function where the oven will heat up to the highest temperature possible and disintegrate and oxidize any foods that may be stuck to the sides then you’ve got two grilling options you’ve either got your small grill or your larger grill your small grill option will just heat the center of the grill this saving you energy and there’s no need to eat a whole grill when you just want to cook two rounds of toast should you want to grow something a bit more substantial you change it to the main grill which then heat the whole of the grilling surface finally you’ve also got your built-in convenient light just so you can check on what’s cooking or if you want to make it look nice at night again we’ve got the popping buttons where you just turn it off and you pop them back in now this one also comes with a digital clock just for convenience but it also has a built-in timer as well just help you with cooking and keeping your cooking time just right to access this all you do is you double tap on the pop button and I’ll bring up a timer which can simply be increased by pressing the right hand side or decrease by pressing the left if you leave it for a few seconds it will start to kick in and then when complete will Sun Audio about just for your convenience so don’t think about its net electric built-in double oven then the time I’ve been using this of them I’ve cooked various different types of foods some greasy some not so desserts you name it I’ve come to various different types of foods but what I can say is I haven’t smoked any kind of greasy smell or any flavors in my foods that shouldn’t be there and then that’s mainly down to the absorbent sides of the oven and that self-cleaning function that just absorbs any greasy splats and keeps that smell away from your cooking foods they also look telescopic slave owners I think it’s great just for it to society food out check on it slide it back you can close the door for me they could’ve had an edition of one of those and that would’ve been perfect I love a nice glossy look of the black combined with the the matted silver stainless steel design I think it really looks modern in any sort of kitchen it was a look the fact they’ve got the popping buttons which means you can pop them in and out as you choose just to keep again that minimal look but I’m really looking for the oven heats up absolutely rapidly and that’s without using the rapid heat function and the fun as well I’m not sure if you can hear it but it just kicked in because I’ve got the interior light on but equally the farm is really quiet as well so once you finish your food there’s nothing more annoying sometimes as when you sit at the table and you can hear that fan kicking in the background some things I think they could possibly improve up there’s a fun that you wouldn’t get three grilling racks now I mean three grilling racks between two ovens is a little bit of a stretch for myself I might be feeling like always in the grill top part of the oven and then in the bottom part that only beans then two shelves to me I don’t want to be able to swap around shelves when I’m trying to cook different things and different ovens and I think an additional grilling rack I think would probably just be right I’m also not too keen on the fact that you don’t get a handle with the grill normally when obviously you’re cooking toast you don’t want to sort of get too close in because of the heat with this I might having to use an oven glove or wrapped up tea towel to pull out the grill rack I think having a handle that and you can put on and off will just say that that bit guess what racing for me however with so many fortunes on this event including things such as the absorbent cleaning system and the surco third technology I think you’re onto definite winner in the other cat’s gear in this one so until next time thanks for watching if you like this video please hit the thumbs up and if you got any questions please leave them in the comments below and I’ll get back to them as soon as I can until next time goodbye

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7 Replies to “NEFF U1ACE5HN0B Built In Double Electric Oven Detailed Video Review

  1. Excellent review! Thanks. Although do you not keep the door shut when grilling like with older Neff ovens? That would mean a handle wouldn’t be appropriate anyway?

  2. Just doing my research as was recommended this NEFF by Wickes. You have now given me the confidence to buy the product. Thank you so much for taking time out to help the rest of us! Good clear narrative and step by step guide. Brilliant.

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