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Whether it’s a feast for the family or a
light snack with friends, this built in electric single oven from Neff has all the features
you need to create the perfect meal. With a large seventy-one litre capacity, there’s
plenty of flexibility if you have a large household or like to host dinner parties.
It’s also a multifunctional oven with great functions, including a grilling and Circo-roasting
setting. Neff’s incredible CircoTherm system lets
you cook three different meal types simultaneously and it retains heat, even if you open the
door. The powerful fan on the back wall draws in hot air, where it’s heated up and forced
back into the cavity via specially placed ducts. The constant circulation of hot air
means meals are cooked evenly and flavours and smells won’t intermingle between dishes.
And because of the forced air travelling in different directions, even when you’re checking
on your meals, little heat is lost. This model’s fan grilling setting combines
both the grill and fan functions to cook your food to perfection. The fan circles heat around
the cavity so food is piping hot inside, while the upper heating element gives it a lovely
brown topping. This makes it ideal for thick pieces of meat or fish, because they won’t
need turning over when they’re in the oven.Now you’ll have perfectly cooked steaks and
salmon fillets without having to lift a finger. If you’re looking for a built in electric
single oven with all the features you need to help create amazing meals, this built in
model from Neff is perfect for you.

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