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This built in microwave oven from Neff, is
perfect if you’re looking for a stylish model with innovative features to cook your
food. With an impressive one thousand watts of power,
your food will be cooked in next to no time. And with a forty-five litre capacity, it’s
perfect for medium-sized households. Additionally, it can be built into your kitchen at eye level
so there’s no need to measure, as it will fit in a standard oven housing unit. This model has incredible Automatic Programmes
that take the guesswork out of cooking your meals. Simply enter the weight of your food,
and the programme then cleverly adapts the time and power levels to suit the dish. Meaning
you can get rid of the guesswork and still have perfectly cooked food every time. Neff’s Innowave technology spreads heat
quickly and evenly throughout the microwave. Unlike standard models, the heat on this microwave
enters the cavity from underneath your food. This means the heat reaches every part of
the microwave, making sure food is cooked quickly and evenly, whilst getting rid of
any pesky cold spots. So, even when you’re short on time, you can still enjoy perfectly
cooked food. If you’re looking for a built in microwave
oven with innovative features to cook your food, this stylish model from Neff is the
perfect choice.

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