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LG Instaview French Door Door In Door Refrigerator Model:LMXS30796S Detailed Video Review

LG Instaview French Door Door In Door Refrigerator Model:LMXS30796S review

hey guys what’s up how’s going today I have something really cool here this is LG’s new 2017 in subcu refrigerator and you’re probably saying what is interview this is interview okay yes that is things to view feature this thing here which is a piece of tempered glass that’s on the front of the refrigerator so what you go ahead and do is you knock twice and it will illuminate this compartment you can see what’s inside and there you know we have all the essentials Reese’s peanut butter cups some milk or milk and some juice and this is their door in door refrigerator so you go ahead and hit this little button here and it will only open up this compartment not the whole refrigerator their point is that way you can quickly access quick to items and you don’t let out all the cold and the whole purpose of this and so you can see what you need or what you may or may not have without having to open up the refrigerator those quick items again so if you always put your milk there or your juice there or what have you then you’ll always know like okay we need this we need that without having to open up the refrigerator so this is their new 2017 interview refrigerator this retails for about four thousand dollars yeah it’s no joke piece this is their four door French door refrigerator so you know you have your one two and then three four and yeah I’ll go ahead and get in here so you guys can see okay let’s go ahead and open it up so you guys can see and I will be the first one to tell you this thing is a absolute monster it’s 29.7 cubic feet we had a counter depth refrigerator before that was about 20 4.5 or something like that and up you know we needed the extra space we started to notice before that once we had leftovers or barbecues or something like that we were running out of space so this time around we said let’s get a monster of a refrigerator and we just won’t have that problem anymore that worry will be long gone so uh yeah what do we have in here I’m going to go ahead and switch perspectives so I can move around so you can see everything inside normally I would set this up in a stationary position but the thing is just too big and I’ll be too far away for you guys to accurately see okay so like I said it’s 29.7 cubic feet one thing that I like about their design here is they don’t have the icemaker right here taking up a huge portion or a huge chunk of the fridge nor is it bulky on the door and it still has useful compartments let me go ahead and open this so you can see and there’s the compact icemaker for those of you having super large parties or you’re worried about ice this compartment on being big enough not holding enough ice for your large party I mean me myself I will probably just go ahead and run to the liquor store or something and buy some ice so it’s got some easy-to-reach tempest plastic drawers right and then here and slide and access now these drawers are fairly fairly large you guys let me tell you it may hard to may be hard to tell just how big they are on the camera but you know trust me I mean this thing is huge I mean look at my arm look all the way back and yeah it’s nuts there’s a two-litre on half of the shelf push this back so you could you know physically or something up right so you just push that back and then you have that room the shelves are adjustable this has their new fresh filter multi air flow which I don’t know what that is nor do I care but I know it’s a good fridge yeah it has LED lights inside it’s very very bright something that we absolutely love here that we won is my wife and I instead of the traditional three door we wanted the four door because we like this custom children so you open this up and there’s a bottle of my wife’s favorite wine but yeah anyways the custom children you can select what temperature you want this so it isn’t just for refrigeration it isn’t just for freezing but if you want to go ahead and put other items in here let’s say we need more freezer space then we can go ahead and switch the temperature to that if we want to put wine in here if we want to put cheese milk whatever we want we can select that temperature here and then use the drawer for that that’s why they call it a custom children because you dictate the temperature alright and this is the stainless steel you can also get into this compartment from the back you push sorry I only have one hand push and then this opens up you can get to it from the back okay and this is supposed to be there smudge proof stuff so far so good it just got delivered not that long ago we saw the plastic on here I’m gonna be taking it all the way off as you can see oh this is so simple but it’s such it’s so ingenious usually you have your water and ice on the same dispenser and then you hit a button on the side and then it changes the I see at a button on the side changes of water how many times have you gone going to get water and then it was on ice or you want to get ice and then it was on water right well no more they separated it water is always water and then under here ice is always nice uh yeah let me get a cup really quickly you guys see how big the ice cubes are okay so nice just so you can see that average size right but I love that there’s no more oh let me get some water and putting my water bottle really quick and then now I’m dumping ice all over the ground I get a lot of compliments on these you want a say sell them in different color these are refrigerator door handle covers so for those of you that have kids or you might be cooking your fingers be messy and then you touch here and then you got to wipe it and clean it you’re not too worried about that when you get all nasty and disgusting you throw them in the washing and that’s it we don’t have kids but we don’t have to worry about that but we like things to have that new look and we’ll get into the freezer now I’m not sure how much each compartment holds I’m just showing you I do know this little tray here doesn’t look like much right but it’s big enough to where you can put frozen pieces or a condom our little frame of reference so you know just how thick it is not one but two stacked on top of each other so this is actually a very deep tray don’t let the smooth taste fool you looks can be deceiving but it’s actually very deep and then you have this compartment here which you know have some frozen pizzas in there cause you can see not much just got the fridge and haven’t done much shopping yet and then since this is very deep and I love how far this comes out yeah this is the stainless steel model it comes in two colors it comes in stainless steel and a black stainless which is a new trendy color that everyone is getting now but believe it or not the stainless we love the look of it and I matches the rest of our sciences all show you here we have an oven there and then a oven in microwave combo so like I said it matches the rest oh yeah dishwasher and stuff but yeah it matches pretty much everything else though we love to look at it look of it yeah this was brand-new I have been reading about this and I saw it on stage when LG unveiled it at the CES show and I we needed a new fridge and uh I thought why not this one this one’s just cool the wife loved it she co-signed on it gave me the thumbs up so we went ahead and got it and yeah is it is it costly sure four thousand dollars for a fridge yeah little much a little much but uh this will be the be-all end-all for a very very long time and uh I’ll put the staff like the dimensions and everything of the fridge on the screen so you can see right now before we had a counter depth wood which was great about counter depth liz’ you know it only came about this far past the counter as you can see this thing is a monster we do have the floor space for it so not that worried but it does protrude out a little further past your counter then maybe one may like but it was either style and look versus functionality and we’re going to need storage this time around so something that I learned too as well as make sure the you have enough space not just for the fridge height and width but also leading up to it you know when when the guys come in they’re going to need a clear path that’s something that uh they were telling me about but anyways I didn’t have that issue but you may so don’t just measure the space where it’s going but you may also want to measure the space on how it’s getting there but yeah this is it LG’s new 2017 interview refrigerator and hopefully if you go to buy this you’ll love it too as we do and hopefully it fail a little it’ll cost you a couple of nickels all right guys instead of you light as

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19 Replies to “LG Instaview French Door Door In Door Refrigerator Model:LMXS30796S Detailed Video Review

  1. These lg fridges equiped with linear inverter compresor usually last less than 2 years before the compresor go bad. How is yours holding up? I like the look of lg fridge but theres a lot of bad comments about its compresor and i dont know if its true.๐Ÿ˜Ÿ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

  2. Great review!!! Is there anyway you can put a direct link to the red handle covers? I donโ€™t think they have them anymore on amazon, and I really want the same pair. If you canโ€™t put a link, can you put the name brand of them?

  3. My LG fridge died after 5 years, a leak in the sealed system that was covered by the warranty. LG did nothing but string me along for two months refusing to do anything. LG fridge’s are crap and they do not stand behind their product.

  4. hi, how is the glass door button? it`s loose or still in good shape? im about to buy one of this but i want to know about te button, please

  5. Beautiful house bro. Love the way your whole kitchen is set up with all the new appliances. Great review.๐Ÿ‘ My wife and I are also considering getting this fridge as well. We narrowed it down between this and Samsung

  6. Trying to find those handle protectors. Only ones I can find are velvety. Yours appear better than that and can’t find them anywhere. For those of you that think they have found this fridge for $1500 etc. you are looking at fridge like this but probably a different cubic foot. We just got this 30 cu foot on sale (plus we get a 10% military discount It was onsale for $3299 down fro $4100. Love it so far and for those that hate LG… i can only say we have had 2 lousy Sears models over the years and most recently Samsung that we had 9 repair visits in 7 months. Unfortunately I think there is NO good appliance mfrs anymore. Maytag…problems…Samsung horrible ice maker problems etc. Don’t make fridges like the used to…to last more than a few years. In any case still want those handle protectors !!!!! Thanks and thanks for your walk through!! One thing you forgot to mention is the water filter. On our Samsung we had to turn off the water to change it and if you didn’t water would come spewing out everywhere. This one is hidden, you lift of the bottom little shelf underneath the ice maker and there it is and i don’t have to turn the water of YIPPEE

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