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NewAir 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Model:AW-121E Video Review

NewAir 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Model:AW-121E review

hi everybody this is Dave from Ready Set Parenthood camp today I’m going to be reviewing the new air thermal electric line cooler so let’s go ahead and take a look okay well here it is the first thing I really like about this wine cooler is that it fits perfect on counters the it as you can see it’s all next to the groceries it doesn’t get hot on the side or in the back it’s just it’s pretty great it doesn’t also take up a lot of electricity and another thing let’s take a look inside so there are there’s room enough here for 12 bottles of wine great for hosting parties or if you just want to stock up on your wine and come home after a busy day with the kids you want to pop something open go for it another feature on here is there’s different temperatures that you can raise it up and down to as you saw as I was pressing the button down it goes all the way up to 65 degrees which is perfect because different wines have different temperatures you have to drink a mat so this would make a perfect gift for Mother’s Day I wish I could buy this again so I could give it away from Mother’s Day but unfortunately I cannot so I hope you enjoyed this and take care

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