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NewAir Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Model: AW-210ED 21 Video Review

NewAir Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler Model: AW-210ED 21 review

hi guys this is Leslie from Leslie love studies and I’m here with hubby the hoster and we are reviewing the new heir 210 edie 21 bottle dual zone thermoelectric wine cooler and my friends from new era were kind enough to send this to me for review when they found out that I didn’t have one and um we were from Long Island and we that was wine country and every summer we would fill me that look every summer we would go out to the vineyards and we would and it’s a really beautiful that we look to other wineries we would come home with a couple bottles of wine and it was really nice and m’lila nose breathing it’s not too hot most of the year I’m on top of the frigerator poplars which are the worst place to put them I didn’t think too much of the fact that we would be young and foolish carefree didn’t think too much of it we moved down here to Georgia and I had a very expensive bottle of wine and I was saving it for just the right moment to put it as I was and I cracked that bottle of wine open and it was is a disaster it was basically drain cleaner and at that moment I thought well I’m gonna have to find something better to do with my wine you find some place to store it and we still looking from one refrigerator you know back 10 years ago and I couldn’t find it the right size everything was too wide it was too big because we really are not huge wondering cuz we’re really not kind of stores but just you know know be like and everything was just too expensive it was too big and it really you know just was it didn’t fit our needs until you know the new with them and knew where and this is really just right for us and this is exactly what we wanted for a number of reasons and I’ll tell you why first of all it’s very sim it fits exactly where the spot we need it it’s two zones and it’s really the right price and I’ll let the puppy tell you well I’m really excited about this product cuz there’s a lot of science involved in how this machines operates and just for the occasion I put on my scientific watch so as you can see it’s dual-zone top and bottom it does keep different temperature from top to bottom the top will maintain a temperature of 44 up to 66 degrees well they’ll be right there Celsius or Fahrenheit you can’t change it to Celsius degree reading or Fahrenheit reading we have another local setting right now this we have all champagne bubbly on the top but you can set it much higher if you like and the bottom has a range from 51 to 66 degrees now this does not have any free arm you know that would cooling it runs on the thermoelectric effect that was developed by businesses from France named Peltier he was not much heat Charles Peltier now he developed this during his life which ended unfortunately in 1875 however his principles have been used over the years and have been perfected up to the point where we have this here this is a dual thermoelectric power source and heat sink fan system is enough readiness there’s no freedom but there’s no liquid that’s why it’s virtually silent there’s no you don’t hear any sound and with nothing no Sam and it doesn’t vibrate no vibration which means that the wine property be disturbed at a well doesn’t move it’s quiet it it runs a rate of 140 watts so they have come to the point where the thermoelectric cooling device is efficient we were years ago they were very inefficient and they were very expensive now they perfected the art of passing occurred through and exciting two different metals kind of like this so that’s the principle and it’s very exciting so what we decided to do is keep the top keep our champagnes and sparkling ones on the top and keep the otherwise at the bottom now how be used to drink I don’t know why but he I guess because they kept the house stopped that we used to keep the house I like that very very very warm I’m very I’m there I’m always freezing so we keep that as very very very long so how they always put his red wine in the refrigerator and drank it basically on ice I don’t like it like that I just feel like it dulls the taste of it and he feels like it takes the booze eNOS out of it so he loves it like that and I hate it like that but now keeping it on the bottom and he still likes the very very cold but now I’m keeping on the bottom he really likes it like that and I’m finding that I do like like that so we’ve met a happy medium but red wine should be you know a little bit warmer and called whitewash be why won’t you be colder I’m going to be a bit warmer but we’re finding that as a happy medium but you found what you like and that’s how you enjoy it but um the top part of the new air cooler has two one reps and will hold six bottles of wine the bottom hole 15:1 the chrome racks fill out so the bottles very very easy to get to so you can seem to have oh and this is another new feature the blue LED light we use turn the lights off it’s so pretty yep it’s really really pretty too it’s like so it’s like a really expensive night it really is open when the baby is here I turn that on so like he comes down with it what you want for everything else you’ll be able to say so that’s really another nice feature but you turn on turn off and I like to leave enough fairness um I just like that you can adjust your temperature with these two buttons here everything is a touch sensor mm-hmm I really like this product it’s very very beautiful I’ve been watching it closely watching it run and it seems to be very very efficient you can tell by looking at the back of it when it’s cooling and I hardly ever see a coolant oh yeah that’s maintaining difference I do want to caution you you to have adequate space on the side and a good space in the back I mean don’t have an incorrect space or will not I’m cool prickly you wanna have adequate ventilation on the side um most important this is home years old you don’t of course you know whenever it enough in a bar and a outside in easily in the kitchen in a house but have adequate ventilation on the side so that just will be able to circulate well or else you’re gonna find it and will not drop to the lowest temperature another problem with that she won’t have adequate ventilation and with most production poeta box there is some assembly required I did have to put nice kudos stainless steel handles very great they took me about and if you look on with you google wine coolers you can find that there they do tend to be expensive this is to me it’s dirt cheap this retails for less than $350 I think it’s three hundred and twenty something dollars and if you look up the wine reviews on this product has incredible wine reviews that’s one of the things that really sold me on it everyone most of the one reviews are so positive everyone loved that this dual control really maintains a temperature it’s just gotten rave reviews people who’ve gotten it and used it really really loved it and we really are sold on I really like it I like affect it now I can use red wine and a lot and really really enjoy at a proper temperature it maintains its temperature it’s really a really really lovely product we think like we need to crack open a bottle we’re going to get frisky okay so this is lovely from whether those veggies just ignore him I mean he turned everything into you know something was gay totally ridiculous this is Leslie from love those guys just I want to thank my friends at new air for sending me this wine cooler Jesus it’s just really really a lovely products newer has a lot of really really great products on their website so I would ask you please visit new air calm since if they have to offer and thank you again new Air Force ending with me this gorgeous wine cooler for review I really really appreciate it thank you so much and please visit Leslie loves veggies come and visit there so you can visit see my whole review that’s right now thank you so much bye-bye I think we should put the top on Stan agree this way we could learn the centigrade Fahrenheit inversion

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