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Newair Compact 29 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Model:AWR-290DB Video Review

Newair Compact 29 Bottle Compressor Wine Cooler Model:AWR-290DB review

hi folks Caroline here from sassy 10s living calm and I’m in my garage super excited because I’m about to unbox the new air compact 29 bottle compressor wine cooler as you can see inside that big box there’s a smaller box so it’s very well packaged okay so I just took this wine cooler out of the box and brought it into my kitchen just to get things set up and get it cleaned before I go into the details of like this size and give you a tour of the inside when you do unbox it make sure you use some warm soapy water and just give it a good wash down and take off any stickers or anything that that you find on it and also there’s a little bit of assembly required nothing major you just need to put the handle on here’s all of the information the parts and a little book and it’s also two plastic containers they came inside of it as well ok so right now I’m sitting on the floor and I’m installing the handle and as you can see there’s two screws one kind of at the bottom and one at the top and what you have to do is find the hole in the back and just slide the screw through and put the washer in and then just attach the handle it’s that easy okay so I install the handle and it went in very very easily and it opens beautifully and as you can see it comes with five different shelves and these shelves of course you can pull out and adjust to accommodate the different types of wine that you have or champagne just want to give you a good look and this is a dual temperature zone here are the controls there’s a closer look at the controls and as I said before this comes with enough room for 29 standard bottles of wine it measures 15 inches in width by 23 inches in depth so it pretty much is the same size as a garbage compactor and it will fit in any one of your cabinets so if you have a garbage compactor and you want to exchange it out swap it out you could very easily do that as well as I said it has dual temperature zones and because it’s only 15 inches wide you can really fit it anyplace in your home like I’m not going to be swapping it out for a cabinet so I’m going to just be leaving it on the side and it has a beautifully finished top and sides as you can see so this will look attractive even if it’s left outside standing on its own it has a minimal vibration to so it’s very very quiet and that’s not going to disturb you it’s just as quiet as your fridge would be it also protects your collection from UV light with a double blast pane and the doors lock as well so if you have children in the house it comes with two sets of keys just show this to your Oakley it comes with two sets of keys so you can decide to lock this at night if you need to it also has it has a fan inside to minimize temperature fluctuations and the shelving inside is made of cedar so it’s all cedar wood and it includes two plastic tubs for increased humidity control and you can also customize the lighting you can set the light to a hundred percent 50% or off and that’s what I’m going to be doing shortly I’m gonna plug it in and just show you quickly what it looks like with the light on these shelves are just beautiful everything about this wine cooler is top of the line high-class stunning design just beautiful no I plug to my unit in and this is where I decided to leave mine it’s going to sit right next to the side of my kitchen cabinet because that’s where it seems to be best fitted it’s right in my kitchen exactly where I like it and it has in the back I think you can see it but there is a spot where you can tie up the extra cord so you don’t have to worry about if you have any extra cord and now I want to show you the inside again for a second and then this is there’s a light here and it’s a beautiful blue light and as you can see it lights up the interior perfectly and you could set it to 50% as well so you can dim that down if you need to or you can shut it off and there are all of your dual controls and it’s running right now be quiet for a second it’s whisper quiet you can’t even hear it so this is how stunning this new air is super excited to own it and I’m going to stock it up with all of our favorite wines right now I just wanted to show you how nice it looks at night with the lights on it really does look lovely another great feature is the legs underneath or adjustable so if you needed to raise it or lower it to accommodate your countertop you could easily do that as well ok so I filled up my wine cooler and as you can see it’s filled up with many bottles of wine the larger ones are on the top I also have a larger one on the bottom regular sized bottles on the other shelves some beer and there’s the larger size right there those little plastic containers that come in there are plastic tubs for increased humidity control all of the instructions and directions are in the pamphlet that you get when you get this wine cooler you get a little instruction manual and it tells you exactly how to operate it how to change all of the settings you know and what each setting is for so it’s pretty comprehensive very easy to use it’s literally a plug-and-play device outside of adding the handle there was really no installation required so what do I think of this wine cooler it’s absolutely fabulous it’s beautifully designed I love it it’s whisper quiet and it’s really made my kitchen look very chic and elegant and I highly recommend you check one out as well also don’t forget to enter the giveaway we’re having an exciting giveaway you can win one of these wine coolers too so be sure to check out the blog post and be sure to enter because you can be a lucky one and win one of these too thanks so much for watching and have a great day

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  1. Could you put beverages on the top portion of it and wine on the lower portion? Temperature can be controlled and be set differently for top and bottom portions right. I know they make a beverage unit specifically but I wanted to know what you think.

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