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Fisher & Paykel 519L Fridge Model:RF522WDRX1 Detailed Video Reviews

Fisher & Paykel 519L Fridge Model:RF522WDRX1review

today we’re in the Fisher Paykelbottom-mount Foster II preach is the RF522 let’s talk about the front here markthree stains do design a handle that thehandle massive family of their productexperience with their dishwashers wellas their ovensthere’s have a quick look inside thisBridget Australia by being nice energyefficient LED light in that lightpenetrates right through from top tobottom and great lighting inside thisunit what the back will see yourtemperature display displayed and atouch button up and down so you see thathere this thing creates itself isilluminated up and down again lightingup the bottom freezer again up and downhere to change the temperature settinggive Bridget itself has docked just willsurely rights throughout from top tobottom 10 people are shelves all the waythrough you know easy glide here for thefirst with herself there are twoindividual beans that one slightly largeand the other in the side of the doorhere itselfbegin your to choose my finalcompartment adjustment shielding rightthroughout again please space here foryour larger bottles and contains on theside of the door and let’s have a quicklook inside the phrase goodjust straight away see large storiesbeing down the bottom begin for y’allyou all come to stuff straight in here Icame the easy Clyde rule here that’s twoseparate divide is so you can put yourfood either side and separate it up niceand easyhula ice-making machine here again twistice it is hope you frost free so againnobody frosting whatsoever mark threestains till designer handle fish bikerupside down 522 later a beautifulfriendship

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