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Omega 14 Place Setting Integrated Dishwasher Model:PL402XA Detailed Video Review

Omega 14 Place Setting Integrated Dishwasher Model:PL402XA review

today we’re looking at me get semi gonna better dishwasher the PL 402 XA let’s have a little some nice features with this model at the front it’s a silver frost control panel it’s not actually stainless steel so it’s got a nice finish on here hides a lot of finger marks as well so moving from the left hand side here we’ve got an off button we gave that the settings here which are displayed as you scroll through it’s electronic dial so I should turn the dial it’ll scroll through your cycles here this is your tablet button so when you know you should have it press the button and it’ll indicate that you can actually use a tablet foot cycle and we have a reset button on the far right hand side now this model normally comes with a worktop or lid we have actually removed it so it can actually slide it under the bench here let’s have a quick look inside now firstly bring the door down we can see the 20 mil panel though this is also provided by your cabinet maker so people do that for you and put that on the front the front here we’ve got dispenser for detergent which will take your tablet as well space up here for your rinse aid in the basket burn the bottom of a triple filtration stainless steal the racking here it’s a 14-play city and I’ll take a large 30 centimeter plate as well the tongs here we can lay down and they’ll accept large pots and pans in there as well the cutlery basket we can box stack or put things in individually the top rack here the top rack is adjustable under you clip here it’s unlike some of the other models and their range but you got flip handles which can easy I just happened down under the clip slide the whole basket out and we can lower on the other runners here that’ll give you more or less loft height in the upper basket as well looking closer in here we’ve got clearly room here for you to the plates dessert plates cups glasses we can put two high spin glasses in here as well and we can even double stack if you like little handle at the front says nice trip they are super close connections they normally connect to cold water supply normal power point is required so it’s just 10 amp now with the unit itself you’re looking at three star on energy and four on water as well they use 12 and a half liters per cycle with this wizard machine from Omega 2 years on all parts and labor so we’ve got any further questions about this product or any of their bigger range context 24/7 on one 300 triple 0 500

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