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today we get to be on mega free-standing range the Oh F 902 X a let’s have a look at some of the cooktop features up the top here we have the extended zone here the inner and outer element smaller burners to the front right and left extended zone here in the middle and the large burner at the back this one often gets asked what can we use this for rectangle juicers like so it can be placed on top to utilize both that burner for here larger pots easily placed there as well let’s have a look at the control panel down the bottom here we have from the left we have our temperature setting multifunctional setting for the oven itself now that we have functions on here a fan forced a baker’s function fan grilling traditional grill conventional cooking and back to a bottom element event rate to off position we have electronic LED display here is fully automated programmed and on the right hand side we can see the five functions here you know to operate the cooktop itself it’s got a safety feature and it actually locks so you need to push this in to operate each of each actual burner on top let’s have a look inside the oven itself so on the front here we have stainless steel full width door stainless steel handle it is two layers of glass on here so it is nice and cool to touch as well let’s have a look inside again a one-piece glass again nice and easy to keep clean on the side here where your shelving is you’ve got four variable positions for your racking to slide-out shelves and two nice big deep trays as well check and utilize the grilling as well the ovens of 121 liters notes of beat oven capacity now for the actual electrician who needs to know it is a hardwired unit and is 35 amp with the unit itself comes as you see it here we have the key plate here coming in black and that covers up the feet they are adjustable up and down so you can utilize the space here as well so make sure when we lift that up to the right height we don’t have this little problem here so 2 year warranty on all parts and labor with Omega

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