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Samsung French Door model# RF263BEAESR – Detailed Video Review

Samsung French Door model# RF263BEAESR review

hi welcome to appliance factory views as always I’m your host Richard Hughes today we’re gonna be talking about fridges so let’s get this thing of cooling guys thanks for joining us again today we’re gonna be looking at two Samsung refrigerators let’s start off with the first one the RF 263 B ei e SR that’s a mouthful right but this is the basic entry-level Samsung French door refrigerator a couple things to markets number one 36 inches tall 70 inches sorry 36 36 inches wide 70 inches tall so the couple things I want to point out about the dimensions of the refrigerator with most french herb for juniors you’re noticing the bank doors kick out quite a bit so if you have a really tight space or a wall that comes past you won’t really watch out because this we can unit does take out almost a half an inch on either side with the doors so keep that in mind but overall let’s take a quick glance at this fridge so as far as Francisco French doors are definitely the way the markets been leaning for years now and they are the most popular this unit was starting price point on sale about 1500 going up to about 18 1900 depending on the time of year it’s got a couple of features that really make it well fitted for the price point number one the ice maker in the door you’re not losing the entire door space in this place you’ve got plenty of space for your condiments and for larger items and in the right door you do have gallons storage so the unit itself has a lot of space in the doors now inside the unit the icemaker actually is a fairly large icemaker so for French door unit this actually has a pretty good capacity when it comes to ice now they are using a plastic auger I wish it was metal auger I always do it’s a personal preference just for liability and durability but overall this is going to do a fantastic job of stringing a good amount of ice now to maximize the amount of space they did a couple of things that you’re seeing of kind of common I do like the fact that this is a flip up shelf to give you access to those larger items you have and directly to the right of it is a breakaway shelf that can have larger items and tall there as well now they are just using a standard glide on the shelves so it’s just a friction glide there’s no rulers there’s no ball bearings or anything like that so it isn’t as smooth of a finish as I would like however for the price point you got to give up something now the bottom drawer the cool select pantry this drawer right here does give you the option for three different temperatures so for your meats for your vegetables and for your beverages it’ll all work inside that unit inside the refrigerator that’s really about it now all Samsung French doors do come with two twin cooling which keeps the humid air up here and the dry air down here they don’t intertwine the air so you also do get odor transfer overall in the refrigerator it’s a pretty decent fridge for the price now what really makes it a standalone for that price point is the ice and water through the door normally when you sit around that fifteen sixteen hundred or less and the price point you don’t have this so you this is usually clean front kind of like this one right here where you don’t have a front Samsung does a good job of keeping that price point low with ice and water through the door if you did something to interest you some people don’t prefer but that’s a personal preference me I couldn’t live without ice and water I’ve got two little kids when they get their own ice their own water we’re gonna keep it that way now the one thing that I do like all Samsung’s do this is the little lifting mechanism here that kicks the door away so that helps you break the seal because on some french door refrigerators if you haven’t gotten into a while and you go to pull that lower drawer if the wheels are nice and good and you know loose you can actually pull the unit because there’s suction so that helps you break the suction between unit overall nothing fancy in the freezer top storage bin here that slides away to give you your lower storage bin below it’s a standard French door refrigerator not a ton of bells and whistles but overall a really solid unit for the price reliability wise these guys sell a lot of units so the percentage unit service to the percentage of units sold is less than a percent different than a lot of the other ones out there so right smack in the middle for reliability and service rates overall a really good unit so guys thank you for joining from this fridge I really appreciate it if the hope you find this helped us like and subscribe our page otherwise talk to you next time

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6 Replies to “Samsung French Door model# RF263BEAESR – Detailed Video Review

  1. This is the worst frig that i have ever owned!! Nothing has worked well for two years. Now we can’t even use the dispenser it won’t deliver water or ice!

  2. Bogus… BS! He is LYING about the so called quality of this fridge. He doesn’t even mention that the icemakers fail… ALWAYS FAIL! This fridge has known issues with multiple components. Samsung will make you pay for eveyry repair until if even considers giving you your money back… or rather a replacement of a new one, THAT HAS THE SAME DESIGN FLAWS. Do NOT buy this piece of junk. Pass it on to your neighbors and friends. There is a Class Action Suit with tens of thousands of people signing on!

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