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Neff U16E74N3GB Double Oven Detailed Video Review

Neff Double Oven Model:U16E74N3GB review

hello I’m Simon Smith consultant chef for cookers and ovens and today we’re looking at the u16s 74 n 3gb double of them from Neff this double oven is from Neff Classic Collection and as you can see is finished in stainless steel rather than the black glass you’re used to seeing with the nest premium collection this appliance is a simple to use control panel with retractable softer jet controls and a sturdy control knob which you use to select your preferred cooking function both of the oven doors on this model of traditional drop down doors and come complete with revolution handles for ultimate comfort and grip inside you’ll also find flexi rails these allow you to slide your baking tray full of food out from inside the oven thus giving you plenty of room to lift it off the top oven has a thirty litre capacity in the bottom oven has a 67 litre capacity so you have plenty of space both of the cavities are also lined with ceramic clean liners at the back roof and sides these liners absorb all the excess fat and grease from cooking to keep your oven looking fantastic all you need to do is run the oven clean function once or twice a year to get rid of any accumulated dirt in the top oven you’ll find a number of useful heating functions including surco therm soaker therm intensive defrost top and bottom heat bottom heat full surface grill Center surface grill hot air grilling and bread baking in the bottom oven you have all the features at the top oven but you also get to choose from surco therm eco low temperature cooking power boost and doh proving – this is a really versatile appliance as well as having all of the functions listed above you also have the flexibility of only heating up the top oven for a small dish rather than having to heat up the entire cavity of a large single oven just to use one shelf it also comes in very handy if you have anyone in your family with special dietary requirement and often need to cook two meals separately both cavities in this oven are also rated a for energy efficiency you can see a full specification of this product explaining features listed on our website cookers an oven scope UK thank you

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