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Hisense American Fridge Freezer Detailed Video Review

Hisense American Fridge Freezer review

pipelines us online thank you very much give me the opportunity to review the license American fridge freezer as you can see it’s a fairly substantial fridge freezer it’s good height lovely chrome finish which is fantastic for us because we’ve got three lovely little children and it doesn’t get any kind of marks on there from the fingerprints it’s been well tested for that it’s nice and wide and has a outside temperature gauge that lets you know with the internal freezer and refrigerator temperatures are good sturdy handles which M are nice and tight so for little children it’s not going to be easy for them to get in but you know that it’s going to stay nice and nice and locked inside the refrigerator you can see there’s substantial space today I’ve got your two drawers for your fruit new veg lots of shelving space which hovers your milks and everything you could possibly want in there so plus you’ve got a nice little fresh box here which aren’t quite like having up high because you can put your cheeses and meats and think about what you need in there a lovely big bright light it’s brighter than others I’ve seen so it’s a it gives you plenty of light a nice kind of chrome finishes I’ve noticed on here to other other refrigerators don’t seem to have the same kind of chrome finish on there which is quite a nice detail into the freezer what I like about this is with other American fridge freezers you tend to have your ice makers or your water dispensers with this one it gives you so much more space you’ve got the five five shelves on the side for your veg in bits and pieces and things in there you go to drawers at bottom and then you’ve got loads of ampuls like storage space for all of your things that you need and then it was like American poetry says you get a big block of industry ice makers and stuff that take up a lot of the space so this way you’ve got much more space than specifications it’s a massive 374 litres which is a giant and giant amount of storage space with them but um when the doors are left open there’s an alert that tells you the doors are back open again you’ve got the external temperature monitor so you have any issues or needed to boost up the temperature you can do that after a shop and it’s an A+ frost free and settings within that so overall we think it’s absolutely fantastic and would like to say thank you and hope you hope you can see from us or how much we like it thank you very much

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