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Whirlpool 340L Top Mount Butler fridge Model:WRIBT34MB Video Review

Whirlpool 340L Top Mount Butler fridge Model:WRIBT34MB review

hi I’m Colin for appliances online todaywe’re looking at the Whirlpoolfrost-free fridge 340 litre looking onthe outside here nice silver finish it’snot stainless steel so it gives it thatsort of look of stainless but withoutthe added cost the handles are nice andflush they feel quite sturdy let’s havea quick look inside the freezercompartment totally frost free so is nodefrosting whatsoever the dial at theback it’s a manual control so you canset your own temperature by simply turnyour dial to the right or to the left atthe top got a fixed shelf it is a glassbuild proof shop so if we do happen toknock anything overyou can simply wipe it up the air ventsat the back circulate air throughout thewhole freeze from top to bottom it givesyou even airflow right throughout theshelving on the side here and that’sgreat nice and easy to get to for allyour simple pack veggies now at the backhere we’ve got our ice mate it’s aportable icemaker machine but here wehave manually fill when it makes its icesimply pin and twist to the right itdispenses the ice into the bottom youcan simply use the carry handle take itto a barbecue or entertaining area whenyou don’t want to have your ice makingmachine in there you can simply removeit and it gives you more storage spacelet’s have a quick look inside therefrigeration compartment looking at thetop here we have our quick chillcompartment now that’s great littlesection there if you want to kill yourbottles of wine or drinks it’s got twolittle vents on the back and just makesthat nice and chilled section at the topthere moving down through our temperedglass shelves I’ve got three lots ofshelves here they are adjustable andthere’s spill proof shells so if we donot anything over simply wipe it up easyto keep clean this little compartmenthere’s just thought owned so you cantake food from your freezer down to thissection here and defrost your food niceand slowly so when you want to take itto your barbeque area simply take itaway and your tray here you can wash itout or you can actually put it in thedishwasher so just dishwasher safe atthe back behind you can see our manualcontrols and operate your temperaturefor your fridge compartment from yourfreezer to your fridge going downfurther we have a little section here sowe have a control with the humiditycontrol for the veggies is one largecrisper you can see through into yourveggies so you can see what’s insidethere at the back you knows the air baseis air vents all the way down the backthat gives you even airflow from topright to the bottom even through to thedoor panel through the door panel hereon the right-hand side we’ve got alittle egg tray you can move thatthroughout the fridge you’ll be moreroom on your shelf here we have a littleserving tray hereit’s your waiter to go you can put yourbottle to drink it here comes with alittle handy bottle opener as well sosimply put your drinks and they’re allcondiments take to your entertainingarea or your barbecue area for a quickdrink on the side here we’ve got alittle slide control so if you’ve gotbig bottles in there slide that acrossthe side and keeps it nice and firm sowe have our three hundred and fortyliter frost-free fridge by whirlpool Ihope you find this video helpful whenshopping with us here at appliancesonlineyouhi Colin compliances online today we’lllook at the Samsung 228 litre frost freefridge let’s have a look at some nicefeatures with this safe

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