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Fisher & Paykel 442L Fridge Freezer with Dispenser Model:E442BRXFDU3 Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 442L Fridge Freezer with Dispenser Model:E442BRXFDU3 review

keep looking at the Fisher Playgirlupside down in 442 BRXftu 3 so it does have water and ice itis a flat door model again 680 widedesign a handle because I’ve Levin willactually match their ovens anddishwasher that accompanied in theirrange the dispenser here is nice andflat it’s nice and flush with the restof the actual unit it’s got a nice LEDdisplay on now first when the lights uphere is a bottle chilled so you canactually put bonds in here set it downfor a time and it’ll actually let youknow when it’s cool to retrieve okay nowas we go through your fast freeze theygo putting fresh food in here to snipfreezer that’s sitting here going acrossto the right you’ve got the fridge andfreezer temperature so you can actuallyarrow backwards and forwards and changethe temperature up and down throughthose sections of the freezer and fridgegoing across to the right you’ll see theicemaker on and off as well and acrossto the right hand side a gambler goingthrough the settings so you can turnthat try and lock that in here as wellthe dispenser here put your glass underhere and dispensed with chilled waterthrough the dispenser it is filteredwater does come with its own filtersystem as well they are plumbed so youleave gift coming you’re a scribe forfuture writing as well now let’s have alook inside again beautiful LED lightingset very energy-efficient all the waythrough from top to bottom againadjustable shelving rights roof will topthe bottle as well adjustable shelvesyou have for lots of shelves here threehere plus the base in again the crisp upit’s easy glide out to storage bins andyou can actually remove them forcleaning as well that’s a nice nicelyeasy getting it out through the doorhere from the side we have settings onthe top here put cheese in the dairycompartments again your containers herefor your eggs there’s one on both sidesadjustable shelving again full shelvinghere for your larger bottles as well incontainers a little container on backhere as you see that locks into yourback your shelf again for putting yourwines you put in is differentfor yourself well let’s have a lookinside the freezer again I think bins atthe bottom again for your large bowlboot again the divider between themiddle for your flat panels my smoothoperation as you can hear they’rethree-deep bins here as well the backdispenser here is for your ice okay anice foam come to the scoop secondreturning your ice this is close that upthat’s your upside-down fruit by FisherPaykel flat door marked restain steeldesigner handle a nice popular fridge inthe Fisher Paykel range

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