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Fisher & Paykel 380L Frost Free Fridge Freezer Model:E381TRT2 Video Review

Fisher & Paykel 380L Frost Free Fridge Freezer Model:E381TRT2 review

today we’re looking at the Fisher PaykelIII 81 trt – it’s a top mount freezerwith fringe on the bottom but the moldedhandles here now at the front here thewidth across the front is 64 centimetersokay and again give yourself at least 2centimeters either side for airspacearound the unit now that Hamlet ismolded but you can actually take thishandle off and totally integrate itwhich means you mean an integration kitthere is an optional extra on our tickbox as well have a look inside againtypical our shelf it is adjustable hereit’s three different positions so youcan adjust that shot up and down to giveyou more height here as well the bins onthe side are nice and convenient ifyou’re going to use the packing edgeagain you can put them in here you don’thave the veggies running loose in thebottle here so keep it stored nice andsafe here on the top here so it istotally frost free so no defrostingwhatsoever let’s have a look downstairsok let’s have a quick look inside okthe rustic great LED lighting at the topknee again energy-saving it’s a nicelittle addition by Fisher Paykel downthe back you can see the electroniccontrol now that the quick push buttonoperates your freezer and fridge and youtouch button here up-and-downtemperature for both sections againtempered glass shelves all the waythrough even one here you can use forstoring as well on top of the crisperthis shelving is totally adjustable fromtop to bottom so you’ve got thatflexibility in there shoving down thebottom to pull the crisper beam not thetwo little pokey ones you’ve seen a lotof fridges so for it’s been again fourbig salaries a cycle sprayed in noproblem whatsoever on the side of thedoor here again we have butter andcheese storage compartments again nicelittle eye gear here full adjustableshelving full width shops again here onthe side of the door again nice littlerail stop seats from falling out and alittle control here which you put yourballs in keeps a nice and tight again atthe bottom lil bit wider you can adjustthe adjustable shelf here as well againlittle divide here on the side so that’spretty much your 381 leader top mountfridge by Fischbach health

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