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Igloo Portable Ice Maker Model:ICE103 Detailed Video Review

Igloo Portable Ice Maker Model:ICE103 review

well as we’re getting ready to go undernext camping trip we ordered what seemsto be a fairly popular item around thecampground and that’s one of theseportable ice makers from the researchwe’ve done there’s basically two sizesthere’s a 28 pound capacity and a 26pound capacity and basically there’s 15different manufacturers but they allseem to look pretty much alike withexception of this particular one thelayout is a little different on thebuttons than mosthowever the it’s got the same buttonfunctions so we bought this one actuallyat a pretty good deal we got it fromWalmart online shipped right to home soyou know you need to step into a Walmartstore although when we got at home oronly got it from UPS it’s pretty dustyon top so it’s been setting in thewarehouse quite some time so we’re goingto open it up here I’ve already splitthe top and I’ve already pulled theinstruction sheet out just to look at itand let’s take another box and see whatit looks like and by the way the thisone tends to be a little more heavy thanthe other one this one weighs about 26pounds and then the other one was Ithink around 20 pound okay we pulled itout of the box and this stuff here isalmost impossible to get off and why Imean I can appreciate keeping the thingfrom marring but you should put it ontop because the top looks like it’s kindof scratched up from inside the insidethe box it looks like it’s a little bitwell we can do this we’ll do this laterbut umthis sell the box is rusted out screw Idon’t know what that goes to I couldn’tsee and one thing I noticed immediatelyis this is a drain right here and I’mtrying to come up with best estimate onhow many camp trips before that we’regoing to knock that thing off I meanthat is kind of silly I don’t know whythey didn’t recess that perhaps you knowbecause this not gonna be long for thisworld I don’t think when we’re we’rebringing this thing inside now and allthat stuff so you know this thing isdesigned to be portable so I don’t knowabout the way these people engineerthings sometimes we’re going to open thetop and I’ll end that cute we got alittle bin and get a lie scoop littleminiature ice cool and instructionsdidn’t really say remove tape from abunch of places but I see tape allaround here so okay we’re going to gowash this rinse this out wash it outwash the tray and stuff and then we’llbe back and we’ll try and see how itworks okay on the inside of this this iswhere you in the bottom you fill up tothis line and then these tubes down hereice forms are anuman and ice dropsthrough here and then this tray fits inhere and one nice if ice melts beforeyou get it out it will recycle itselfagain so anyway we’re going to fire itup and see what happens yeah let’s justsee how much water this thing can takehereokay that’s about a half gallon and it’sonly about half full so this thingindeed can hold about a gallon and okaywe’re going to make sure I get power onyep got power so we’re going to plug itinto the outlet all right okay then turnon and then medium selected I guessthat’s fine okay I hear somethingrunning so I guess it’s running so we’llbe back when we’re back on we have iceif you can see in the rear those littlemetalround things those basically are goinginto the water they can lift us upthey actually stick into the water andthey have coolant going through and sothen ice forms around the little pegsand then at the prescribed time I expectthat they probably somehow drop off andthen get ice so we’ll see if we can timethis so we can watch the eventwell looks like I’m getting ready to goover there and seize itLoutre should create them out and spillthem out there we go one now it’sgetting ready to filling up your graveagainwell spend more like eight minutes andthe first bunch dumped out so let’s takea look at them now again they made thesemedium-sized and they’re kind of cuteyour little bullet shape kind of thingswhat what happens is the little tubes inthere in the ice forms around the tubeand it pops out so here we go our firstbatch of ice and a new ice makerenjoy

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18 Replies to “Igloo Portable Ice Maker Model:ICE103 Detailed Video Review

  1. Thanks for taking the time to review the Igloo ice maker. I just got an advert from Sams Club that has the 20 lb ice maker on sale for $99. I’ve read about 20 reviews so far. Some were great and some not so good. There were only about  and it was nice to see the machine in action.

  2. Nice review. If I had a bigger van I would probably get one of these. I love having ice available for sodas and stuff. That ice maker is a tad too big though. I think that is the smallest one can expect though for an ice maker.

  3. thanks for the review, I need to know how do you clean it, there is some black dots appering in the back side of the moving try

  4. I bought my icemaker on Amazon it is a Chinese manufactured product, I paid $99 on sale. Very similar to the igloo that you purchased. I’ve had no trouble whatsoever with this product. It’s amazing how fast it makes ice cubes. The drain plug is on the bottom so you can’t knock it off. Thanks for the video. YONGTONG Ice Maker, Countertop Automatic Portable Icemaker Machine, Producing 26Lbs(12Kg) per Day, with 2 Selectable Cube Sizes, with Easy-Touch Buttons, Stainless Steel, 2.2L(2.3QT) Capacity (Red)

  5. The more ice that fills the basket the colder it gets.I don’t take any out until the basket is full. Empty into a plastic bag, or poor basket into your freezer ice bin, and obviously, keep in freezer. in two hours, I have enough ice for several days. The first day or so, the ice is small. we use distilled water because we have hard water. Our Igloo was $80 at Walmart. it paid for itself pretty quickly, we use a lot of ice. This makes clear ice with distilled water. the New Air brand doesn’t.

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