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Bosch Dishwasher Model:SMS50E32AU Detailed Video Review

Bosch Dishwasher Model:SMS50E32AU review

hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we’ll look at the Bosch freestanding classic white dishwasher the SMS 50e 32a you study with the water connections at the back is a single hose connection to connect up to your water supply the Bosch machine comes with a 10 amp plug and lead which will either be in two positions inside in a yellow container or at the back of the machine simply take it out and plug it into back here at the bottom left hand corner now when we connect it to the water supply it’s called water connection all the time I’d always recommend cold board connection that’s because we bring in a small amount of water for the pre-wash cycle it’s pre washing and rinsing everything and all those scraps fall down to the bottom of the filter once it’s finished it’ll then pump that water out bring fresh clean water in and then we’ll heat it up to the correct cycle that you select on the front this way you’re going to get the best wash recite at the end so that’s starting with the control panel here simply push the button in that’s your power on you’ll get your little indicator here light up in a quick LED display here it’s lighting up with the time remaining those who change the cycles instead classically that the time will actually change you have two pots wash and intensive wash we’ve got our normal 45 degrees a quick wash which is quite heavy and this particular model here the quick wash will actually allow to dry through the cycle a lot of machines that use quick wash it’s a hand towel dry situation and then you’ve got a pre wash simply press the push button here to start the machine here if you want to delay the sub it goes in one-hour increments up to 24 hours let’s have a quick look inside it’s a firm grip it’s quite sturdy nice tug on the front here we’re down the front here straightaway you get to see the detergent dispenser and your rinse aid you can use tablets or powder with this machine and this little section is where you put your rinse aid I probably go with the finish as my preferred detergent with the idea of reusing the rinse aid through the final rinse cycle it will dispense about five CC of rinse aid it mixes in with a final rinse water make sure that everything sparkling clean now have a look at the top rack here we slide that out now it is adjustable you have got a little bit of height adjustment this one here solutely lifts the front up and you lower it down when you stand a lot of wheelers here and insert the machine back in the top here you go to double runners so you can up we actually double stack put cups here or here or if you’ve got wine glasses you can put the stems in here holds a nice and firm at the back you put your cups glasses dessert place here slide the back into position let’s look at the lower basket here we slide that out it’s a nice smooth operation the back section here which are large plates or if you want to put that odd shaped dish in we can lower these tongs down as simple as that and it gives you more room here for odd shaped pots and pans or the rectangular dishes smaller area here for plates and you’ve got a cutaway section here for your knives and forks and that’s where your cutlery basket sits all the time right there you can put the cutlery in individually or if we want to bulk stack them simply lift it up and you can put them in bulk stack now we notice at the bottom here it’s not quite staying still it’s a poly tub and that is as strong as stainless steel and that keeps nice and clean as well or your residue from your plates come into the filter here and any large particles get caught here which you just check up really load anything in there just empty it that simply goes back into this space there and twist locks in position then we have our white classic Bosch dishwasher I hope this video will assist you in making your decision when you’re buying from appliances online you hi I’m Colin from appliances online today we’re living in a new dishwasher and Samsung the DW FG 725 it’s an in ox

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