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Titan 25 Bottle Wine Cooler Model:TT-CWC1525SZ Detailed Video Review

Titan 25 Bottle Wine Cooler Model:TT-CWC1525SZ review

hi this is Michael and this is my review of the Titan single-zone wine cooler this is beautiful it has a stainless steel door wooden shelves temperature range of 40 to 65 degrees and this is the box that it came in but never fear it was double boxed and the wine refrigerator came out unscathed just beautiful no dents or scratches inside the handle is sort of stuck between the shelves initially so you just remove that handle and then going through the door our two screws all you have to do is gently peel back the door seal and then you’ll find the Phillips head you just need a Phillips head screwdriver and then you carefully screw the handle on being careful not to over-tighten so two screws Phillips head screwdriver and you are good to go and here’s the finished look at the handle is just beautiful and I think you’ll find that the jurors are very very nice they’re very smooth and quiet in operation in the very back of the refrigerator inside on the left there is a carbon filter that’s replaceable and then just the fan blower is the larger thing there in the middle each shelf holds four bottles of wine except on the top shelf you can actually hold six bottles if they are the right sized bottles and there’s also a nice LED light inside the door does lock you get two keys for that and that is the lock right on the bottom you can see how quiet the shelves are in there very nice wood with stainless steel on the front it’s a very sophisticated very nice look to it so you can see the temperature without opening the door and when you do open the door there’s a control panel at the top that controls the light and the light is LEDs there’s actually I think there’s five LED lights inside so you don’t have to worry about replacing bulbs in this which is fantastic and you can also easily control the temperature it defaults to 54 degrees but you use the up or down arrows there on the control panel to determine what temperature you would like and then the small button on the right on the far right is how you turn it on or off you just hold it for about three seconds to turn it off and you should wait five minutes before you turn it back on again and then you do have a power indicator as well this operates fairly quietly if you have any questions leave a comment i’ll answer if i can otherwise thanks for watching have a great day

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