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Zanussi Built in Fridge Freezer Detailed Video Review

Zanussi Built in Fridge Freezer review

hi everyone today I’ll be doing a quick review of the new C built-in fridge freezer and I’ve got delivered by a Oh calm I’ll do that over the Christmas holidays and it was really quick delivery there’s only about three or four days which is obviously really quick clover Christmas I can see the two metal bits in between the two doors that’s to build it into a cupboard I haven’t done that just yet I’m still waiting for the cupboard to be built in my new kitchen there’s a great slim line looking Ridge freezer I was a bit worried that it might not have much space inside but it’s for a built in cupboard but she really surprised at how deep the drawers are it also comes with an egg tray in the fridge and everything that you need to build on the cupboard doors so that a little bit integrated for you and one of the other things that I really love about it its own the door it’s got like these plastic bristles so if you’ve got any cups or milk or juice anything that you put in covered you don’t need to worry about falling over which I absolutely love when I’ve got two kids are going in and out the fridge every five minutes and in the freezer again I was aware there wasn’t gonna be too much space in there what a bit being saloum lying to go into a cupboard but it’s actually really deep as you see in here you also get an ice tray and an ice scraper when you’re defrosting with most freezers you get all the drawers and the cupboards and everything but they can be quite weak and the bottoms of them tend to break however a long period of time is putting a lot of things in there as you can see with these the bottoms of it actually made of glass so definitely reinforced and really strong you don’t need to worry about anything wavering over time or anything like that yeah is really grouchy like I said I still need to move the cupboard to put it in but I’m really happy with it I think it’ll definitely stand the test of time and my kids thanks I owe

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