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Samsung 24.5 Side by Side Refrigerator: Stainless Steel Midel:RS25J500DSR Detailed Video Review

Samsung 24.5 Side by Side Refrigerator: Stainless Steel Midel:RS25J500DSR review

real reviews here and I have a new appliance this is the Samsung twenty five point four cubic feet side-by-side stainless steel ice and water through door refrigerator the model number on this unit right here which I purchased that Best Buy and Best Buy did install it is actually rs.25 J five hundred dsr and this is one of their standard units that you can find anywhere I’m gonna be doing a quick appearance review spec review and how it looks inside and some of the issues that I’ve already noticed the biggest thing if you’re trying to buy this trying to be honest when you measure from this wall all the way back I miss measured and measured my whole fridge what that was sticking out and now you can see the issue I’m having usually you want your door to be right about here and it kind of looks a little bit nicer and more clean this is a little bit too large but I will see how it is you can hear it working right now what the sound is a very light and it sounds like it is cooling or chilling refrigerator and the freezer because it was just installed about an hour ago if you guys haven’t seen any of my other videos I already did a samsung brand new 2018 model gas dryer I believe it’s a 7.5 cubic feet steam dryer I did the nest hello unboxing spec review and installation I have done many other videos please subscribe guys please give me a thumbs up if you have any questions please comment below sorry I’m also doing a review on the Samsung 2018 model oven range the microwave the storm wash dishwasher so please subscribe those videos are coming up next it’s got beautiful handles right here which I love and it comes with a part of a package so the biggest thing I’ve noticed is that these did not line up and actually it was way lower when I first started to fix this issue if you go to the bottom this sits and it’s not connected to anything when they install the door back down which is very easy you just push up on this and this little bar comes up and down it does not affect anything with the door opening and I put a little wedge right there to increase it you can actually increase it it’s it happens on every fridge and to fix it you got to fix it yourself you just got to find some little parts and things to wedge in there and make it higher here’s the top of the fridge and they also adjust the legs on the bottom to level it off to open up the fridge as you can see very bright at first looking at the door you have four trays which you can put in different sections on the side of the door into the connectors given above the clear top tray is actually pretty large you can definitely fit eggs or jams or anything else you’d like to butter as an example so the light on top is very bright as we see now very spacious still brand-new and if you put any jars or anything on top I heard that it blocks at all a lot of the light that comes down it takes about six hundred ninety five kilowatts of power per year and it costs about eighty three dollars it’s got four shelves that you can use one two three and then four is above the moisture sensor for the deli and the vegetables you can change the humidity control from high to low also you can change the filter on the inside a lot of the unit sits on the bottom or on the top but this one comes on the inside and – oh it comes pre-installed so don’t worry about that you don’t really have to do anything to unlock it you go left and you hear some pressure to lock it you go right in here pressure again from the water coming in so let me open up the freezer and the freezer as well it’s pretty large it’s got three trays on the door with an ice cube connector which are pretty decent in size it’s got a great nice little slot right here to put pizza in and it’s got one two three four drawers and if you hear that noise that means that the doors are open and energy savings comes on this is kind of flimsy when you take it off for the ice maker to put back on sometimes it falls off so just watch for that the doors are pretty thick and nice deserve the fingerprints of that installers feels very light though very smooth bearings manufacturer settings usually has four for the freezer and four for the fridge but you can always increase it eight is the highest so go 7 and H has a little symbol for the frost I’ll keep it at 4 for now and see where we are the fridge I’m gonna actually make 5 so the ice has two settings cute or crushed and if you hold it for three seconds you can actually turn it off the water to reset the filter you hold it three seconds or switch it to water these are all touch controls you can also lock the fridge which is really nice you’ll hold this button for three seconds and it’ll acts the fridge for the water compartment when you first get it install it to the water line it takes some time for the water to come out you’re gonna have to put your finger up here and provide pressure and hold this down might take a couple seconds but I’ll come out what I notice after you get water still brand new but it drips doesn’t have any compartment to hide it so you’re gonna have to clean it all the time so this unit right here is about $1,099 but you can always find it on sale at different retailers I’ll give you guys the 30-day review and let you know how this works out thank you for watching and have a wonderful day guys please subscribe I’m gonna have the matching Samsung range the microwave and the dishwasher thank you guys

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14 Replies to “Samsung 24.5 Side by Side Refrigerator: Stainless Steel Midel:RS25J500DSR Detailed Video Review

  1. We have this in black and right now it’s on but fan it’s not on nor anything just the lights on the door and my GMA has meds to stay cool…

  2. This was the easiest appliance install and haul away; ever!>>> I was so happy to get the fridge in two days. The delivery team was polite, professional and on time. If you know what you want and the measurements of your space (don’t forget the delivery entrance), then this is the way to go 🙂

  3. Are you kidding me stainless steel all around? ? ?😂😂😂 LMAO … Yes too large to enter a normal door you have to take the door out or dismantle the fridge to enter it inside the house 😂😂😂

  4. Just got mine today, paid 700, my only complaint would be you cant see the buttons at night, is there a light I haven’t figured out yet?

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