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Samsung American Fridge Freezer Model:RSAISPHN A-Series Detailed Video Review

Samsung American Fridge Freezer Model:RSAISPHN A-Series review

hi I’d like to do a review of our Samsung American fridge freezer this is the Samsung raspbian platinum in ox model we got this from a calm about it for about 12 months it’s an energy air plus rated fridge freezer which is really good so we got this delivered and the guys turned up on a Saturday they were really good they had two little pickup set of steps to get to the house and they had to take the doors off to get it inside the house so they took the doors off and got it inside put the doors back on they were really girls I’d recommend the service that we got from a allcom completely the fridge is nice and roomy it’s got a storage capacity of 350 two liters as you can see one two three four five shelves the shelves are adjustable so you can move them up and down it’s got two storage drawers at the bottom so these are quite big loads of veg salad in those drawers the door has got cheese compartment at the top with a lid on and one two three more shelves the shelves again are adjustable so you can move them up and down quite deep shelves so you can store plenty of things inside the light in the fridge LED technology and it’s got an air circulation technology in there that maintains a temperature so it’s really good roomate fridge the freezer compartment again nice a big alternatingly tose he’s got one two three four shells adjustable shelves so again you can change the height it’s got to an ice cube trays it’s got two drawers bottom that water goodies inside there so these storage options he’s got one two three four five shelves on the door these aren’t adjustable but they are easy to remove care she gets to do any cleaning the freezer is frost free so we’ve had it for 12 months and not to do any defrosting there’s no buildup of ice so it’s really good from that point of view the doors and axes Sully to open claws build seal on them it’s a solid unit overall you can see there as you open and shut the doors it tells you what the temperature rating on the fridge inside it’s got Palmer freeze so that will freeze all your food nice and quickly you can adjust the temperature goes down to minus 25 starts at minus 14 they recommend that you set you free your freezer at 18 degrees again the fridge you can adjust the temperature down to one degree 7 degrees max they recommend three to five I have mine in the middle four degrees it’s got a vacation mod so that means that when you go on holiday you can just set the vacation mode on them that will switch off the fridge and leave the freezer on so again energy saving technology there the finish is a nice brushed chrome so it says so gunmetal gray it’s quite nice finish there it’s a good fridge freezer the another feature that you got is this will start to beep at you so if you leave the fridge door open for too long it starts to beep it your remind you to shut the fridge freezer so we’re quite happy with this it is a little noisy but you see it’s a quite a big unit and the compressor obviously has to do quite a bit of work at times but it’s not really a problem we don’t find this is to be any issue for us at all as you can see we’ve got a nice 10 year warranty and our digital inverter for the compressor so peace of mind there that hopefully it will be a long-lasting appliance so overall we’re very happy with our fridge freezer we recommend a allcom for any of the appliances that you may need thank you for watching this review hooks CeCe

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