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This quality single oven from Samsung is ideal
for households looking for a model with clever technology to make cooking effortless. With a large seventy litre capacity, there’s
plenty of flexibility if you’re cooking for a large household or like to host dinner
parties. It’s also a multifunctional oven with great
functions, including an eco-setting. And it can either be built into your kitchen
at eye level or under a worktop. So there’s no need to measure, as it will fit in a standard
oven housing unit. Dual Fan cooking makes sure the temperature
in the oven is even from top to bottom. Unlike most models which just use one fan, this oven
has two that spin in opposite directions. This ensures your food cooks evenly without
flavours and odours transferring between dishes. Samsung’s Steam Cleaning function banishes
light food stains from the inside of your oven. Simply pour three-quarters of a pint
of water into the cavity at the bottom and, with the door closed, choose the Steam Cleaning
function from the mode selector. The oven will heat up and turn the water into
steam, which loosens any dried on food. This can then simply be wiped away with a damp
cloth. So, you’ll spend less time scouring, and save money on cleaning products too. If you’re looking for a model with clever
technology to make cooking effortless, this quality single oven from Samsung is a fantastic

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