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Samsung Electric Wall Oven Model:NQ50J9530BS Detailed Video Review

Samsung Electric Wall Oven Model:NQ50J9530BS review

this oven is part of Samsung chef collection and provides the kind of cooking performance you’d expect to find in a professional kitchen in addition to convection heating with twin fans for faster preheating and maintaining temperatures more evenly this appliance can also microwave your food providing amazing cooking versatility and flexibility because this 50 litre oven needs to be built-in to your kitchens cabinetry we’d recommend having a professional handle its installation make sure to confirm all the relevant measurements before you buy so you can be confident that everything will fit nice and snuggly the oven features a stylish high-quality design finished in black glass and stainless steel the door features a priest’s top hinge which keeps the door from slamming shut and instead closes gently every time the interior is lined with easy cleaning ceramic enamel and there are five shelf positions available for cooking in different styles the oven comes with oven racks and baking trays and a grill insert is also included as well as a ceramic tray that’s safe to use with the appliances microwave cooking mode the electronic control panel at the top manages the ovens variety of settings and cooking modes all with intuitive touches and swipes just like using your phone the display even shows a bit of information about the best way to use each mode so even a beginner can select the best functions to suit their recipe because this oven uses a digital timer you can add more precision to your cooking as well as setting an alarm to remind you to remove your food when the cooking is done you can program the oven to automatically switch off the heat when the cooking time is up so there’s no risk of accidentally leaving your food in for too long you can also set a delay on your cooking time allowing you to better organize your kitchen schedule which can come in handy if you’ve got a lot on the go at once if all of this sounds a bit complicated or even if there’s an inexperienced cook in your household you might appreciate this ovens auto cook function there are 35 pre-program recipes included so all you need to do is select what you’re cooking enter the weight and follow the on-screen instructions that’ll give you great results you can also program your own recipe settings and save it as a favorite to use again further down the track there are also auto defrost settings for quickly and simply throwing out frozen means and similar ingredients keeping this oven clean is also very simple thanks to the steam cleaning function just for a hundred milliliters of water into the oven activate the steam cleaning mode and in just 15 minutes the food splashes on the interior will be softened and broken down allowing you to remove what’s left with ease so for a professional style of an in your home kitchen consider this model from the samsung chef collection thanks for watching

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