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Samsung Electric Wall Oven with WiFi Model:NV73J9770RSSA Detailed Video Review

Samsung Electric Wall Oven with WiFi Model:NV73J9770RSSA review

as part of Samsung chef collection this wall oven is designed to deliver the kind of cooking performance that you’d normally expect from a professional kitchen not only does it include clever auto cook programs but it’s also Wi-Fi compatible so you can keep track of your cooking even when you have to step out at the kitchen remember that because this is a wall oven you’ll need to double check the measurements before you buy to make sure it will fit into your kitchen cabinetry you should also look at getting a professional in to handle its installation one of the first things you may notice about this small oven is its sophisticated control panel with no buttons or dials just touch LCD screens with these controls you can carefully shift the ovens cooking mode or time with a touch of your finger and view precise information about the ovens temperature and other settings during cooking if you’re not quite certain of the best cooking time or temperature for a particular dish you can eliminate a bit of guesswork by using one of the ovens 80 pre-programmed recipes just select what you want to cook and the LCD screen will guide you through the instructions to ensure you enjoy the best results possible one of the cleverest things about these oven is its Wi-Fi functionality by linking the oven to an app on your smart phone or tablet you can monitor and control your oven from the distance so you won’t have to get up off the couch to turn down the heat you can also use the app to download recipes from michelin-starred chefs in case you need a bit of cooking inspiration but it’s not all high-tech digital wizardry with this oven either it’s also been physically designed for smooth and reliable performance for example the oven door opens gently and then smoothly closes coming to a stop with minimal noise that’s a nice little usability feature now the glass is also quadruple glazed to efficiently lock more of the ovens heat inside keeping your kitchen safer now as well as providing standard convection and fan assisted heating this oven features vapor cooking that can help give your meals a professional touch by surrounding your food with hot vapor your roast can turn out crispy on the outside without ending up dried out on the inside this steam can also be used to help clean your oven softening up any food splashes so they can be removed more easily the oven also includes an option for pyrolytic self-cleaning blasting the oven with very high temperatures to reduce food splashes to fine ash that can be swept out with ease once the ovens cool back down now one more handy accessory that’s included with this oven is the meat probe which plugs straight into the oven itself so you can read the inner temperature of your roast meat directly from the display panel this allows you to repress eyes feedback on the progress of your roast so you can be completely confident that it’s being perfectly cooked inside and out thanks so much for watching

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