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Samsung 396L Multi Door American Refrigeration Model:RFG23UERS Detailed Video Review

Samsung Multi Door American Refrigeration Model:RFG23UERS review

hi we’re back at marks electrical studio and today we’re reviewing the samsung rfg237 extinct rum is complemented by the matching grey sides and it all blends well together to give a real classy looking product okay there’s a lot to look at so let’s get going first of all it’s plumbed in so there’s no reservoir to top up for the dispenser and the dispenser produces chilled water cubed or crushed ice and it accommodates a tall glass as well above that is the control panel with its nice bright blue LED with some nice big numbers for the freezer and the fridge temperatures and it also is surrounded by the control buttons and that gives you access to energy-saving freezer temperature power freeze door alarm off filter change light fridge temperature power cool ice off child lock ice type and chilled water so quite a comprehensive control console behind the two doors is the 396 net liter fridge it’s efficiently lit and very well organized it’s got a lovely big LED at the top and there’s one at the bottom as well so you can see into every corner it’s using multi flow cooling that constantly moves chilled air around inside the cabinet for consistent temperatures and the twin cooling system keeps fridge and freezer air separate but better humidity and odor control now the door capacity is very well organized into various different shelf sizes and that’ll accommodate lots of different types of products now it’s been very cleverly worked around the ice dispenser and some of the shelves are smaller but they’ve still got the depth so you can get all sorts of different types of products in there there’s a lidded dairy shelf at the top of that one and this is the very clever can rack which collapses you get four cans of drink in there but it will collapse so you can get some nice tall bottles in that shelf there now going into the cabinet of the fridge that’s very well organized as well as some very clever features extra space has been created by Samsung’s efficient space-saving insulation it’s thinner which allows the walls to be thinner which creates more space inside the fridge cabinet now the shelves are all height adjustable this one here flips up out the way so you can get some tall products in there and that one very cleverly turns into a half shell very easily for the same reason so you can get height in there and the other two slide-out so that you can access the products that are at the back of the shelf very clever little system that now below that are the two fruits and veg crispers I’ve got good capacity the good benefit of these is that they’re both individually humidity controlled so you can have the fruit in one side your veg in your other side and you can adjust the humidity according to what you’ve got stored in there below that is the multifunctional full-width drawer and that is called the cool select pantry now it’s multifunctional because it’s got its own individual temperature settings there’s three settings to go for and it’s independent of the rest of the fridge there’s a 5 degree daily temperature there’s a 3 degree fresh temperature and a 0 degree chill temperature that zero degrees is probably for your meats and fish as a divider in there to keep meat and fish separate which you would need to do so very handy feature so let’s move on to the 124 net litre capacity chess style frost free freezer it’s got an easy open handle that breaks the seal for you and then it slides out very easily after that it’s followed on the top by a big sliding shelf of good capacity it’s all lit very well with the big LED that shines down is easily slide the drawer out the way to see the cavernous space below which has got a separator again in the middle very big space that now being frost free as well you’ll always be able to see what you’ve got stored of in the freezer I like that freezer ok let’s move on to the dimensions there’s height of one thousand seven hundred and seventy four millimeters as a width of nine hundred and eight millimeters and there’s a depth of seven hundred and seventy four minute meters you will need to have five millimeters either side and at the back of the appliance for clearance now another important dimension to consider is the clearance required for these big doors now when both the doors are open wide the width of the product becomes 1,650 millimeters so that’s quite a wide area you need if you’re opening up to a side wall or some some something on the side now when you open each door to a 90 degree angle 90 degree and 90 degree it just adds two hundred and twenty millimeters to the width of the product okay so summing up this impressive and good-looking product has some great features it’s a plus energy rating shows it’s got good economy its frost-free and the quiet digital inverter compressor has a ten year guarantee with two years parts and labor on the product itself and the price is bang-on and you could have one in your home tomorrow free delivery or the two hour time slot from Marc’s electrical and those evenings and weekends included you

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