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Samsung 684l Side By Side Fridge Model:SRS683GDHLS Detailed Video Review

Samsung 684l Side By Side Fridge Model:SRS683GDHLS review

today we look at the Samsung SRS 683that’s 683 litres frost-free it ismarked free of stainless steel let’shave a look over here we have the iceand water dispenser now it has got theLED control here shows you temperatureof the freezer and the fridge touch of abutton is select I ski oobs crushed orcubed and your water dispenser a bit ofheight here saying for a large containerin there as well so if you’re doing jugsfor a big containers not a problem overhere you’ll like this nice innit that’sjust so every bar kids drinks yourdrinks easy access you don’t have tokeep open the fridge all the time quickaccess here great for the kids don’thave to sit there with the door openlet’s have a look insideLED lighting it nice all the way throughtop to bottom real energy-saving throughyour freezer here lighting all the waythrough the from top to bottomadjustable shelving the tempered glassvery strong down through the bottom hereyou’ve got your two deed storagecontainers for your big frozen foodsleft-hand side on the door you’ll noticeyou’ve got your ice maker machinethey’ve moved it from the inside so itgives you more storage capacity so it’son the side of the door here more roomdown through here you’ve got two thenextra shelving down the bottom for yourfrozen veg you all your packaged food somoving on to the fridge compartmentagain great lighting at the back to thefront all the way through again LEDenergy-saving looking at the side of thedoor here you’ve got your containers foryour you know your cheeses going throughhere more storage compartment to bigstorage bins down the bottom deep binsfor letter containers not a problem atthe top here the right-hand side you’llsee that there’s a ru filter most filmsare situated at the back in here theSamsung top right hand side twist actioneasy to get to when it comes time toreplace it by your filtertwist action straight out nice and easywe have got tempered glass shelving allthe way through and a nice littlefeature here a split shelf if you’reusing your wine cask tall bottles givesyou plenty of room here again temperedshelves all the way through and down thebottom three big stories Ben so ifyou’re doing yourit meets your veggies plenty of roomhere as well and that’s our out side byside Samsung cream

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5 Replies to “Samsung 684l Side By Side Fridge Model:SRS683GDHLS Detailed Video Review

  1. this is the exact fridge we purchased months ago, the icemaker/dispenser stopped working, 2 repairs later, dozens of phone calls,  3 promises to replace the fridge & 3 times at the last minute the request to replace the fridge has been declined, all this drama has been going on for almost 3 months & still no solutionthe after sales service people are extremely rude and inefficient, Dont buy an LG fridge, the warranty isnt worth the paper its printed on.BUY A SAMSUNG or KELVINATOR

  2. Excellent fridge.>>> I’ve had it for four months now. Really enjoy how quiet it is, lots more storage than my old bottom freezer fridge, and it has a very good ice making machine. The kids enjoy getting water for themselves (my old fridge did not have a water dispenser). Highly recommend.

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