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Samsung BQ1VD6T131 Single Oven Detailed Video Review

Samsung BQ1VD6T131 Single Oven review

This Samsung Dual Cook single oven is fantastic if you want a stylish model that’s packed with technology to help you create succulent meals. This is a multifunctional oven, so you’ll have lots of cooking functions to choose from. And with a large sixty-five litre capacity, there’s more space if you want to make bigger dishes. What makes this model really special is Samsung’s flexible Dual Cook technology, which uses an insulated divider to split the cavity in half to create a double oven. This means you can whip up two different dishes simultaneously using different cooking functions, durations and temperatures in each half, without the flavours and odours transferring. With the Steam Cook function, you have the incredibly healthy option of using steam to cook your food. Once the water tank is topped up, steam is released into the specially designed tray to gently cook your food. Cooking with this method means you can enjoy tender, succulent meat, while your vegetables keep all of their vital nutrients and flavours, without needing any fats or oils.

This Samsung oven is a great choice if you want a stylish model with great technology to help you create really tasty dishes.

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