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Samsung 255L Top Frezzer Fridge Model:SR255MLS Detailed Video Review

Samsung 255L Top Frezzer Fridge Model:SR255MLS review

this is an elegant top mount fridge finish in a beautiful stainless steel it offers 3.5 star energy efficiency while ensuring your food and drinks are stored in optimal conditions this fridge is filled with amazing features and functions that will help keep your fresh food projects cool all year round one of these features is the moist fresh zone which controls the air circulation within the fridge to help create the ideal environment to store veggies and fruit this will ensure they stay fresher for longer saving you money and constant trips to the fresh food store and better yet it’s all backed by a 10-year parts warranty on the digital inverter motor now the interior is lit up nicely by LED lighting and offers superior storage from the easy slide shelf that allows access to your everyday foods with ease to the tall bottle shelves which let you store large milk bottles and juice containers effortlessly there’s also a handy big box bin for all your fruit and veggies and a fresh room bin for your dairy products such as cheese and butter all these have been designed to make it simple for you to store all your favorite foods and drink now you can organize all your frozen foods to suit your needs thanks to the freezer door shelves and small topshop which is the perfect size for small ice cream tubs there’s also a twist icemaker with a storage bin that makes accessing ice on hot summer days a lot easier if you’re sick of having to manually defrost your old fridge then you’ll be pleased to know that this freezer features a convenient frost free function the size of this fridge is ideal for singles or couples that may even have a pet or two so if you fit into that category and are looking for an outstanding fridge then this Samsung top mount is the one for you thanks so much for watching and I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and please don’t forget to click on the subscribe button and check out our YouTube channel for other product videos just like this one

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