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Samsung 527L Top Frezzer Fridge Model:SR525MW Detailed Video Review

Samsung 527L Top Frezzer Fridge Model:SR525MW review

hi I’m Malcolm appliances online and this is Samsung’s 527 litre fridge we’re top mounted freezer the sr5 – 5 MW now this is a nice big fridge for a household of four or five people it’s finished in white for that classic look but it includes all of the features you expect from a Samsung product now because it’s a slightly bigger fridge it’s worthwhile double-checking the measurements before you buy to make sure it will properly fit your kitchen especially if you plan on setting it up in a kitchen cavity now be sure to leave some extra space for ventilation now one of the first things you’ll notice about this fridge is the control panel which is just in the center of the freezer door now here you can select the best temperature for keeping your food and drink fresh and chilled you can also select the fridges power cool function here which will run the fridge at an extra cold temperature for a few hours this feature comes in handy when you fill up the fridge with a fresh load of shopping and if you want to lock in the freshness straight away taking a look inside the freezer section you’ll see there’s 149 liters of volume available for storing your frozen foods whether that’s on the shelf or here on the door racks now a twist icemaker is also included perfect for preparing entire trays of ice cubes with less effort and hassle now the freezer has a no frost design so you shouldn’t have to worry about removing build-up ice opening up the fridge section you’ll see we have a 378 litre capacity to work with the shelves here are made from sturdy tempered glass for keeping your food and drinks secure a multi flow cooling system makes sure that every corner of this space is kept at the same temperature without warmer or colder sections now as well as the shelves and the door racks there are also a few special storage options the easy slide shelf is designed to stay perfectly balanced even when you slide it fully out and it’s loaded with food this makes it nice and simple to efficiently pack your fridge and to access items at the back without unpacking everything at the front first now at the top of the fridge you’ll also see there’s a fresh room jaw this is ideal for deli items and at the base of the fridge there’s the crisper drawer for keeping fruit and vegetables fresher for longer now on the door apart from the expected door racks for bottles and cans there’s also a separate multi storage basket to help you organize every essentials such as milk and juice Samsung’s 527 litre fridge with top mounted freezer available with a two-year warranty plus the 10 year parts warranty on the digital inverter motor

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