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Samsung 680L 4 Door Fridge Model:SRF679SWLSPK Detailed Video Review

Samsung 680L 4 Door Fridge Model:SRF679SWLSPK review

if it’s a big fridge you need then it’s a big fridge you’ll receive with Samsung’s srf 679 SW LS this fridge features four doors is finished in a beautiful stainless steel and it can fit enough groceries inside for a household of five or more and still have room for the dogs can to me or the cats tune up the water and ice dispenser is an entertainers best friend providing your family and guests easy access to still or sparkling water it also makes up to 2.3 kilos of ice a day and is powered by sodastream allowing you to adjust the level of carbonation as well as add SodaStream syrups to provide flavor and color to your bubbles the control panel is located just here at the top of the dispenser and lets you control the fridge and freezers temperature at the touch of a button with this fridge you’ll receive a complimentary 60 litre SodaStream gas cylinder which has been designed to make up to 60 litres of sparkling water each this will also allow you to maximize the space you have in your refrigerator by no longer having to store sparkling water or soda bottles this refrigerator boasts counter-depth designed to help fit seamlessly into your kitchen it is recommended however to measure the space in your kitchen before purchasing remembering to leave a few centimeters each side for ventilation and plumbing opening and closing of each section is effortless thanks to the sleek for whipped handles while the smart divided or just down here allows you to organize your food conveniently storage is absolutely superior within the cavity and features separate storage compartments for your fresh fruit and vegetables tall bottle door shelves the large milk containers and juice bottles plus a two step fold up shelf which allows you to place taller items within the fridge if the door shelves are already full now the top shelf can be used to store long platters with ease perfect for parties and celebrations two separate coolers maintain the fridge and freezers conditions independently preventing air from traveling between the two sections this helps to maintain the idle temperature for maximum freshness and helps to prevent odors mixing between the fridge and the freezer the drawer in draw freezer allows you to organize and access your frozen foods with ease and because there is no need to store bulky ice tray in the freezer storage is maximized the entire fridge is run by a digital inverter compressor that is durable and produces less noise and vibration while operating the murder is also backed by a ten-year parts warranty to ensure peace of mind if you have a lot of people in your household or you just love to entertain then this fridge from Samsung is perfect for you thanks so much for watching and I hope this video will assist you when shopping with us here at appliances online and please don’t forget to click on the subscribe button and check out our youtube channel for more product reviews just like this one

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