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Samsung 719L 4 Door Fridge Model:SRF719DLS Detailed Video Review

Samsung 719L 4 Door Fridge Model:SRF719DLS review

hi I’m Mel from appliances online and this is the 719 litre samsung 4-door fridge the SR f7 190 LS now this is a really massive fridge and because it’s so big make sure you have enough room available in your kitchen before you buy use a tape measure to double-check the measurement and leave a few extra centimetres of space for ventilation and while you’ve got the tape measure handy make sure you check that your home’s doorways are wide enough to fit this fridge into your house the exterior design is finished in smart stainless steel with recessed door handles now these will look great when matched with other similar appliances the lower freezer section down here is quite tall so that the tops of the freezer doors should line up with most kitchen benches it’s a great way to create a great looking and functional kitchen the entire appliance runs off one of Samsung’s digital inverter compressors which speeds up and slows down the motor to maintain an even and stable temperature while using less electricity plus it helps to minimize wear and tear and to lower the fridges noise level just a little looking at the front door of the fridge we have the ice and water dispenser which lets you and your family enjoy a refreshing drink whenever you feel like it this does mean that your fridge will have to be plumbed into your kitchens water supply which can make its installation just a little bit tricky now just above the dispenser is the control panel where you can adjust the fridge and freezer temperature and humidity settings or switch between crushed and cubed ice from the dispenser this panel will also tell you when it’s time to change the water dispenses filter now taking a look here inside the fridge you can see just how much room there is available to work with if you need extra space for storing taller items some of the shelves can be folded away to create extra room there are also a number of door bins available inside the fridge doors though the working parts of the ice and water dispenser do take up just a little bit of this space there are two sliding fruit and vegetable drawers at the base of the fridge with the water filter located in between them for easy access when it needs replacing down below the freezer is divided into two sections each full of drawers sliding shelves and door bins now while this separation means that you can’t store extra wide items in the freezer like you can in the fridge it does provide you with some special storage options now if you set the cool select room option on the fridges control panel you can switch the right-hand freezers temperature from deep freezing to soft freezing chilling or even refrigeration that’s right you can turn half of this freezer into an extra fridge space very handy for when you need to store lots of fresh food and that’s the 719 liter samsung 4-door fridge available with a two-year warranty plus a 10 year parts warranty on the motor thanks so much for watching and we hope this video will help you when shopping with us here at appliances online and remember to click on the subscribe button for more product videos just like this one

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