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Samsung 4-door French Door Refrigerator Model:RF28R7201SR Detiles Video Review

Samsung 4-door French Door Refrigerator Model:RF28R7201SR review

hiya buddy welcome to the video surprise of the day today we talk about the Samsung 4-door French door refrigerator setup so there are some steps to get this fridge working after the blender dropped off the fridge and have gone install these member and hit the subscribe button the bell icon want to be notified new videos and I really appreciate thumbs up in the vent I carry much so you can see I mean how the doors in right here you can see it’s a nice sized fridge but this one that they just released its a 2019 model it’s basically a lot electronics so to start out you want to hit the unlock hold it for three seconds if your unlock you know a chime and I can see over here that you can shoot go stroll through the different temperature the lowest it gets 34 I’m 44 is the highest you can cycle through and you always comes back to the right temperature as well this is for the fridge part at the top okay and a flex zone you have different temperature the freezer you only have one temperature and at zero degrees Fahrenheit so let’s look at this book over here and see what it says alright so 37 degrees Fahrenheit for the fridge zero degrees Fahrenheit for the freezer so we’re good let’s go all the way back down again 37 and for the freezer let’s make it zero which is already at zero right now notice that it’s flashing it’s going to tell you that your door is open flex zone doesn’t go to freezer to lose he gets thirty degrees Fahrenheit and that’s for me that’s what it’s listed ice maker if I can figure that one out or ignore ice maker or water ice select from different options I guess ice maker is on right now you see when the 66 degrees Fahrenheit is the temperature right now and 68 degrees Fahrenheit is the fridge right now so keep that in mind you can confirm the temperature are pressing on it will show you the settings as well the flashing what’s right now yeah you understand to wait a while before it really cools down it’s where a nice chime to it I muted that psychopath filled the display temperature is the current temperature by the way so that’s how it works and it locks out after a while so to display will I found so a lot of kids that play around fit so well sounding the boy after that they stop or the fridge very nice feature ice trying through it as well okay not a little bit on the water filter twist to the left open its clockwise to close suppose that you might wanna drain some water like two gallons of water out after your condition get the air out of the system as well well that’s my new fridge why I have right here you can see that just we’re a nice stainless steel fridge has one water dispenser as well that’s four doors it has a 10 year of warranty and the burger a nice clean look and this fingerprint assistant that’s two drawers on the bottom the bottom has two drawers open I’m gonna see the water we here you wanna think about P gallons of water lilies there’s actually some drips and drop it in this I always say linkie empty it out it looks that it’s gonna confuse Drummond because although he hers out of the system when you keep on doing this process and kill you get all the air out of the system all the water nice and too much food so if you’re not getting water it could be the the holes and air in it shake a little squeeze a little in or come out okay so this is after about three hours or so I mean you keep track on two percent of time but the temperature I don’t know the temperature is all set up corrected for yourself or there are fridge and freezer zero and don’t want to have like 30 degrees for the Flex all iced Miquelon more than ice and our alarm o’clock went off should you press it nothing there sounding you boy so yeah that’s pretty much how to set it up any questions leave it below and I try to answer it as best I can this is a new fridge from San phone probably appreciate the video and helps you out so meets up please bye

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  1. we just bought one and the freezer not freezing our food its just keeping it cool. we have it set on -1 then i switch it to 0 and its still the same.

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